Is matrimony a good company to work?

Is matrimony a good company to work?

Good company to work with Working with matrimony was a great experience, there is a lot of learning, the timing, salary package and policies are really good, the workplace is also good, but there is no job security at any level.

How can I complain to Bharatmatrimony?

You can alert us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and we will take necessary action. Also, while reporting such complaints, please provide all evidence including any e-mail (Full header of the e-mail) you may have received.

How is Bharat Matrimony review?

Worst experience, wastage of money. Don’t go for Bharat matrimony, they make you fool by calling you again and again before the payment and give you many assurities. But neither they have good profiles nor any team who will work for you. Don’t be in their trap, save money, be aware.

Is Bharat Matrimony is safe?

All documents members upload are kept private and secure. Other members cannot see any of these documents. They will only see the trust badge that the member has earned and hence know that the member has uploaded a copy of the relevant documents for authentication.

Which is best Marathi matrimonial sites?

Marathi Matrimony

  • Kunbi Matrimony.
  • Mali Matrimony.
  • Dhangar Matrimony.
  • Brahmin-Deshastha Matrimony.
  • Chambhar Matrimony.
  • Teli Matrimony.
  • Agri Matrimony.
  • Matang Matrimony.

Are there fake profiles on Bharat Matrimony?

A fact-checker who was recently asked by his friend to verify some of her ‘potential grooms’ from Bharat Matrimony found out that all of them were fake profiles. “We reported them and they were taken down,” he said.

Who is the CEO of Bharat Matrimony?

Murugavel Janakiraman (1997–)BharatMatrimony / CEO

Are there fake profiles on BharatMatrimony?

How much does BharatMatrimony cost?

Feature your profile on top of search results at just US$ 44. Get maximum visibility. Compare your horoscope with a prospective match and get a compatibility report at just US$ 35….UAE.

3 Months 6 Months
Gold US$ 109 US$ 192
Diamond US$ 131 US$ 235
Platinum US$ 150 US$ 270
Assisted Service US$ 475 US$ 840

Which app is best for marriage? is India’s first and only matrimonial app without the direct involvement of parents. It is the fastest-growing matrimony app in India connecting hearts through AI technology on both IOS and Android for free. is a revolution in the matrimony industry.

Which matrimony site is best?

Here are some exceptional websites for you to choose from.

  • Simply Marry.
  • Shaadi.
  • Bandhan.
  • Foot Loose No More.
  • Second Shaadi.
  • Bharat Matrimony.
  • Community Matrimony.
  • Truly Madly.

Which matrimony is best in Maharashtra? – The No. 1 Matrimony & Matrimonial Site in Maharashtra.

How can you tell a fake matrimonial profile?

5 ways to spot a fake person or profile on matrimonial websites

  1. 01/6How to spot a fake account on matrimonial websites?
  2. 02/6​The profile picture.
  3. 03/6​Look for inconsistent information and details.
  4. 04/6Frequent edits.
  5. 05/6​If the person asks for money.
  6. 06/6When the person puts a lot of pressure on you.

Is Shaadi com better than BharatMatrimony?

Which is better or Both are matrimonial sites with almost similar features. shows only 10 profiles per page, whereas in BharatMatrimony you can view 50 profiles per page. has an easy-to-use interface whereas provides more security features.

Who is the brand ambassador of BharatMatrimony?

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni is the Brand Ambassador for BharatMatrimony, the largest and most trusted matrimony brand.

Which matrimonial site is reliable? Holding the award as the most trustworthy online matrimony service by the Brand Trust Report, BharatMatrimony has over 1 crore registered members. Not only has this, but the Limca Book of Records also listed this matrimony for the most documented marriage online.

Is assisted matrimony worth it?

it’s just a waste of money. Instead, take the cheapest possible package and shortlist profile on your own and talk to them. I would like share my experience with assisted matrimony services.

How do I find a man to marry?

Well, here are 20 tips that will help you find a man to marry.

  1. Know the qualities you want in a husband.
  2. Look out for someone with similar values.
  3. Go out & explore.
  4. Be friendly.
  5. Be diverse.
  6. Be yourself.
  7. Attractiveness matters.
  8. Join dating sites.

Are matrimonial sites safe?

The world of matrimonial sites is not always safe and we often get to know about how people get duped by frauds they meet online. In fact, there are people who use these platforms to cheat others and often money is their main motive.

Which site is best for Marathi marriage?

MarathiMatrimony, a part of BharatMatrimony – the pioneer in online matrimony, is the most trusted matrimony service for Lakhs of Marathis worldwide. BharatMatrimony has been recognised as the most trusted online matrimony service by the Brand Trust Report.