Is lifetime a good basketball hoop brand?

Is lifetime a good basketball hoop brand?

Overall Take. In our analysis of 69 expert reviews, the Lifetime Portable Basketball System placed 7th when we looked at the top 10 products in the category.

Do lifetime basketball hoops have a lifetime warranty?

Most Lifetime Products Basketball Systems have a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Where is the model number on a lifetime basketball hoop?

You can find your model number on the warning sticker of your basketball system. This is placed on the pole or under the rim.

Are Lifetime basketball hoops made in USA?

Should Lifetime Products’ Basketball Hoops Use ‘Made in USA’ Labels? CLEARFIELD, Utah—Lifetime Products Inc.’s basketball hoops are made of parts that are almost entirely cut, shaped, painted and assembled at its sprawling factory here.

What does lifetime warranty mean?

A lifetime warranty can mean the life of the product; once a manufacturer stops making replacement parts, the warranty ends. It can also mean as long as a company is in business, or as long as you are the first owner.

How long does it take to put together a lifetime basketball hoop?

Assembly: The package was frustration free and easy to sort through. This basketball hoop took me 4 hours to put together. That time included getting my tools out, assembly and clean up. The manufacturer must be given kudos for the way the bolts are packaged.

How much sand do I need for a Lifetime basketball hoop?

Most portable basketball goal systems have a 35-gallon base. Purchase 10 bags of 50-pound sand bags from a home-supply store if your base is 35 gallons. Adjust the amount of sand you purchase if the base holds more or less than 35 gallons. Many fill their bases with water.

Can you replace the base of a basketball hoop?

PROBASE replaces the plastic base on all types of portable basketball hoops. It is compatible with all poles on the market, regardless of their shape or size. Once you remove the base, insert the pole directly in PROBASE.

How long is lifetime limited warranty?

Limited lifetime warranty is a warranty against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear. It is for the lifetime of the part and not of the vehicle. The store would be able to determine if the parts are defective or not.

How do you move a lifetime basketball hoop?

To move it sideways, you’ll need to turn the entire goal 90 degrees, since the wheels are made only to go forward or backward. To set the goal in place, put your foot back against the base and slowly ease the goal down using your arms and legs for balance.