Is Keiynan Lonsdale age?

Is Keiynan Lonsdale age?

30 years (December 19, 1991)Keiynan Lonsdale / Age

What movies did Keiynan Lonsdale play in?

Love, Simon2018My Fake Boyfriend2022Work It2020The Divergent Series: Ins…2015Dance Academy: The Movie2017Allegiant2016
Keiynan Lonsdale/Appears in

Is Keiynan Lonsdale Australia?

Keiynan Lonsdale (born 19 December 1991) is an Australian actor, singer, and dancer.

Who played Wally West?

Keiynan LonsdaleThe FlashMichael RosenbaumJustice League UnlimitedJason SpisakYoung JusticeTommy CookThe Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure
Wally West/Voiced by

Is Kid Flash a Nigerian?

His father is Nigerian, of Edo descent. His mother is Australian, of Irish and Danish descent. He has played the same character (Wally West / Kid Flash) in three different series: The Flash (2014), Supergirl (2015) and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016).

Why did Keiynan leave Flash?

“Because of that, my heart told me it was the right time to continue my journey on an unknown path, and I’m so damn grateful to both shows for honouring & respecting that with me.”

Is Keiynan Lonsdale from Nigeria?

Lonsdale was born in Sydney to a Nigerian father of Edo descent and an Australian mother of Irish and Danish descent. He has eleven siblings.

Does Grant Gustin have a daughter?

Juniper Grace LouiseGrant Gustin / Daughter

Why did Tom Cavanagh leave The Flash?

But with the show heading into a new era, Cavanagh says he decided it was time to part ways, making clear to Entertainment Weekly it was “definitely [his] decision” to leave the show.

Why did Julian leave The Flash?

Returning to London. After Savitar was erased and Caitlin decided to find herself, Julian eventually left Team Flash and went to London.

Is Keiynan Lonsdale dating?

6. Who is Keiynan Lonsdale dating? Keiynan is said to be single, as he’s remained tight-lipped about any current relationships. He previously dated model Zak Frio, back in 2018, after shouting him out in a social media post, calling him ‘my boy’ in a heartfelt post.

Is Grant Gustin a dad?

Grant Gustin is a dad! The Flash actor, 31, and wife LA Thoma recently welcomed their first baby, daughter Juniper Grace Louise, she revealed on Instagram Tuesday. The pair tied the knot back in December 2018.

Is Cisco leaving The Flash 2021?

Though Cisco has said goodbye to Central City, he will be back for the final two episodes of this season, with Valdes telling EW he could return in the future. Confirming his character would not be killed off, Valdes said, “it’s a goodbye but it’s not that tragic because it leaves the door open for Cisco.”

Is Tom Cavanagh the Reverse-Flash?

In the first hour of their two-part season finale, we saw Still Force host Deon (Christian Magby) drain the power from villainous Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh), who was being held captive in an ARGUS prison. Like, all the way down to a husk of a human. It looked like we were finally rid of the Reverse-Flash for good.

Does Tom Felton play in Twilight?

With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince officially opening today and breaking a record for midnight ticket sales last night (this morning), the stars of the epically successful franchise are everywhere in the media.

Who does Caitlin end up with in The Flash?

Caitlin and Raymond later marry, but shortly thereafter, he gives his life to help the Flash close a singularity that opened over Central City. During season two, Caitlin grieves for Raymond, but grows closer to Hunter Zolomon while he was disguised as Jay Garrick.

Who is Zak Frio?

Zak Frio is an actor, known for He’s a Good Kid (2016) and A Tinder Valentine’s Date (2016).

What nationality is Keiynan Lonsdale?

AustralianKeiynan Lonsdale / Nationality

Lonsdale was born in Sydney to a Nigerian father of Edo descent and an Australian mother of Irish and Danish descent.