Is JYJ blacklisted?

Is JYJ blacklisted?

“We’ve come so far”: Fans react as JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong makes his first Korean music show appearance after 10 years of being blacklisted. Kim Jaejoong of the K-POP boy band JYJ is making his much-awaited return to the Korean music TV show scene after 10 years of being blacklisted.

What label is JYJ under?

C‑JeS Entertainm…Kakao MRhythm ZoneWarner Music Group
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Who is the leader of JYJ?

Kim Jae-joong
Member of JYJ
Formerly of TVXQ SM Town
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Is JYJ under SM?

The contract dispute between SM Entertainment and group JYJ has finally come to end after three years and four months. On November 28, both sides agreed to terminate the lawsuit filed by JYJ against SM in July of 2009.

Why is Jaejoong so rich?

Kim Jaejoong was able to successfully cross over into acting has he starred in numerous series including Triangle in 2014 and Spy in 2015. He is said to be earning at least $2 million annually from his acting activities. Just like other stars in South Korea, Jaejoong went on to invest his hard earned money.

Is TVXQ still popular?

In the case of full-length albums, TVXQ has been still rising. Their 6th album TIME broke their own record by surpassing TONE by selling over 300,000 copies in 3 days.

Why did Tvxq break up?

In July 2009, members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu attempted to split with their Korean management S.M. Entertainment, claiming that their thirteen-year contract was excessively long, schedules were held out without permission of the members, and profits were unfairly distributed.

How popular is Kim Jaejoong?

Boasting an estimated net worth of US$100 million, Kim Jae-joong is Korea’s richest K-pop idol. However, reaching millionaire status didn’t come easy for the 34-year-old multi-hyphenate entertainer. At 15, Kim moved to Seoul to audition at SM entertainment.

Why did Tvxq sue SM?

According to the agency, it was actually family members of TVXQ who insisted and requested that SM Entertainment honor the thirteen year contract with TVXQ. Boy group JYJ has stated over and over in the past about the issue that they were coerced into the thirteen year contract and activities overseas.

Who is the richest K Idol?

Kim Jae-joong
Kim Jae-joong is reportedly now Korea’s richest K-pop idol, with an estimated net worth of $100 million. Choi Siwon is a singer, actor, and businessman who first rose to prominence as a member of Super Junior. Later in his career, he appeared in films and played lead roles in Korean dramas.

Who is the oldest K-pop group?

1. SoBangCha. What is this? Although there probably aren’t too many people around today who know about SoBangCha, let alone remember the group, SoBangCha debuted in 1987 making them the oldest (and first) K-pop group ever in history.

Who was the most popular member of TVXQ?

[Enter-talk] Top 5 Most Popular Idol Group Members Ever

  • TVXQ Micky Yoochun (2004~2015)
  • TVXQ Xia Junsu (2004~2015)
  • TVXQ Kim Jaejoong (2004~2015)
  • BIGBANG G-Dragon (2012~)
  • SS501 Kim Hyun Joong.
  • FIN K.L Lee Hyori (1999~2010)
  • Girls’ Generation Taeyeon (2009~)
  • Girls’ Generation Yoona (2009~)

Who has black card in twice?

Both Taeyang and G-Dragon are two of the richest idols in the industry, with their popularity spanning across the world. G-Dragon, as a matter of fact, is one of the richet people in the world right now. Both these idols own the black card and it really comes as no surprise, knowing their net worth and global impact.