Is Greenwich Park Free parking?

Is Greenwich Park Free parking?

At the weekend you can park FREE along Charlton way or Maze hill and walk into the park, it’s great to know you can get free parking in London next to Greenwich Park and spend all day around the park, local shops, museums and the Cutty sark. Great park and even better with free parking.

How do you pay for parking at Greenwich Park?

You can pay for parking in the Royal Borough of Greenwich by credit or debit card using your mobile phone. This is known as cashless parking. The service is available at all on-street parking locations in the borough where parking is payable in Controlled Parking Zones and council-run car parks.

What time is parking free in Greenwich?

Overnight parking in Greenwich Overnight parking is free between 6pm and 9am at all council car parks in Greenwich, including: Blackheath – Old Dover Road Car Park. Charlton – Charlton Village Car Park.

Is Greenwich Park locked?

The car park in Greenwich Park is now open all week and can be accessed via Blackheath Gates entrance only.

Does Greenwich Park have parking?

One can get to Greenwich Park by public means through the train, bus, tube, boat, and bikes. Several train stations surround the park with a few offering parking spaces either inside the stations or a few metres away.

How much does it cost to park in Greenwich?

rate: 20p per ten minutes (£1.20 per hour) minimum purchase: 20p.

How do you pay for car parking with your phone?

How it works — Parking

  1. Download the PayByPhone app. Download the app now from the Google Play and iOS App Store.
  2. Enter your location code. Enter the location code you wish to park in as advertised on street signage.
  3. Enter your parking duration. Add the time duration you wish to park for.
  4. Extend your parking anytime*

Is Greenwich Park open to cars?

You can climb the steep hill that divides the north and south of the park. There’s also flower gardens, cafe, children’s boating lake and playground. Opening hours: Daily from 6am (vehicles 7am) until dusk. No through traffic between 10am and 4pm daily.

What time is Greenwich Park open?

Is Greenwich Park locked at night?

Nine parks in the Royal Borough of Greenwich will be locked at night to help prevent vandalism and antisocial behaviour. The decision has been made after discussion with the Greenwich Parks Forum, which represents the borough’s friends of parks group.

How much is parking in Greenwich Park?

Monday – Saturday (9.00am – 6.00pm) – £1.40 per hour (35p per 15 minutes, 4 hour maximum stay) Sundays and Public Holidays – £2.00 per hour (50p per 15 minutes, 4 hour maximum stay) National Blue Badge holders and motor cyclists park free of charge, but are subject to 4 hours maximum stay Monday to Sunday.

Where do you park when visiting Greenwich Park?


  • The O2 Car Park. Address. Cutter Lane, Greenwich Peninsula, London, SE10 0ER.
  • Greenwich Park Car Park. Address.
  • Park Row Car Park. Address.
  • Burney Street Car Park. Address.
  • Charlton Village Car Park. Address.
  • Powis Street Car Park. Address.
  • Blackheath Station Car Park. Address.
  • Blackheath Grove Car Park. Address.

Is it easy to park in Greenwich?

Information about parking in Greenwich On-street parking can be particularly difficult with a limited number of on-street spaces made available to visiting drivers. There are a number of off-street car parks throughout Greenwich but these two are often limited in spaces.

Can you park your car in Greenwich Park?

Overnight, weekends & bank holidays On public holidays and during the weekend, parking near Greenwich Park is more accessible, since spaces are not as full as during regular working days. However, with most tourists visiting the park on holidays and weekends, parking in Greenwich Park is still hectic.

How do I pay parking by phone UK?

Paying by mobile is easy. Once you’ve parked at the car park check the pay machine or other signs for the sticker that displays the Location Code – the unique number of your car park. Then call the telephone number displayed on the sticker.

How do I pay my car park by phone UK?

Pay for your parking in the PayByPhone app. by calling 0191 628 0000. by texting 65565.

How do I pay London parking by phone?

The easiest way to pay is via the PayByPhone app . If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also by pay by: phone 020 7023 9078. text to 65565.

Can you still drive through Greenwich Park?

What times does Greenwich Park close?