Is Dorrigo National Park free?

Is Dorrigo National Park free?

Thanks. There is no vehicle fee for Dorrigo NP. If you go into the NSW National Parks website and look at the Passes and Fees tab you can see all the NSW NPs with fees to enter – Dorrigo isn’t on the list.

Is dorrigo open?

Dorrigo National Park is open daily (except Christmas Day) 9am to 4.30pm but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.

Why do people go to Dorrigo National Park?

The park has a range of forest… Dorrigo National Park, part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, offers stunning scenery that’s been millions of years in the making. The park has a range of forest environments that protect an enormous variety of animals and birds.

How old is Dorrigo National Park?

Dorrigo National Park

Dorrigo National Park New South Wales
Established 1 October 1967
Area 119 km2 (45.9 sq mi)
Managing authorities National Parks and Wildlife Service (New South Wales)
Website Dorrigo National Park

Is the Waterfall Way closed?

Waterfall Way has reopened to single lane traffic west of Thora after a massive landslip blocked access during the extreme weather that impacted the North Coast early this month.

Can you stay in Dorrigo National Park?

your perfect getaway awaits you at dorrigo Dorrigo Mountain Holiday Park at the gateway to the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau, surrounded by Heritage Listed National Parks is your destination where the mountains reach the sky. Scenic countryside views surround our landscaped park.

Is Dorrigo waterfall way open?

Is the road open between Dorrigo and Bellingen?

UPDATE: Waterfall Way from Dorrigo to Bellingen is now open, however motorists are advised to take extreme care when travelling through the area as there is still a lot of debris on the road. Also be careful when travelling on the Pacific Hwy through the Mid North Coast as debris is also heavy through the area.

What is the population of Dorrigo?

In the 2016 Census, there were 1,191 people in Dorrigo. Of these 45.8% were male and 54.2% were female. Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people made up 3.6% of the population. The median age of people in Dorrigo was 55 years.

Is Waterfall Way Dorrigo open today?

Is Waterfall Way Dorrigo closed?

Waterfall Way remains closed between Dorrigo Mountain and Thora due to a landslip.

What is dorrigo known for?

The area is noted for its large number of waterfalls and bushwalks. Its location on the edge of the escarpment results in a number of impressively panoramic views across the Bellinger Valley.

Is Waterfall Way sealed?

The road is sealed but relatively narrow and has a steep 14 km (8.7 mi) winding section.

Is Waterfall Way OK for caravans?

8 answers. Yes the road is suitable but caution will need to be in your mind when planning your trip . The road has some very steep grades and travel is slow but the view is beautiful at this speed people don’t often take the time to view it as they travel . over a year ago.

Is Waterfall Way open between Bellingen and Dorrigo?

Waterfall Way has re-opened following extensive landslips between Dorrigo and Bellingen, restoring access for local communities and businesses.

Is Dorrigo Mountain still closed?

Does it snow at Dorrigo?

On 6 August 1923, the first known snowfall occurred at Dorrigo. On 24 June 1950, 636.0 millimetres (25.04 in) of rain was recorded in the 24 hours to 9 am at Dorrigo Post Office.

Is waterfall way open now?

Is Waterfall Way open Bellingen to Dorrigo?

Is Waterfall Way open to Dorrigo?