Is Bealls owned by Walmart?

Is Bealls owned by Walmart?

Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida, since its founding in 1915, the family-owned corporation now operates more than 550 stores under the names of Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, and Home Centric….Bealls (Florida)

Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded 1915
Headquarters Bradenton, Florida
Number of locations 500

What is the new name for Bealls?

Stage Stores Inc., its Houston-based parent company, is moving forward on its plans to convert Bealls department stores in Texas to Gordmans “off-price” stores. Blakeley Graham, a Stage spokeswoman, said the company will start converting most of its department stores to Gordmans in early 2020.

Why is Bealls going out of business?

Company President and CEO Michael Glazer pointed to “the increasingly challenging market environment” and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced the temporary closure of all the company’s stores and furlough of employees.

What happened to Bealls stores?

On May 10, 2020, Stage announced it had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and that it would liquidate all locations, Bealls and Gordmans included, unless a buyer could be found for the chain. No buyer had been found, and going out of business sales had begun at all locations.

How many locations does Bealls Outlet have?

Today, Bealls Inc. has more than 535 locations, which include more than 450 Bealls Outlet and Burkes Outlet stores.

Who bought Bealls out?

The Bealls nameplate, operated by bankrupt Stage Stores, is now owned by rival Bealls Inc. Bankrupt Stage Stores Inc. has sold its intellectual property and other assets for $7 million to former rival Bealls Inc., a move that now combines both Bealls banners under one roof.

Who did Bealls sell?

In markets where the two chains overlapped, the Florida chain operates as Burkes Outlet instead. However, on October 21, 2020, as part of Stage’s winding-down of its operations, Stage sold its intellectual property, including the national rights to use the Bealls name, to the Florida Bealls for $7 million.

What is the meaning of Beall?

: the most important part of something or the reason for something.

How did Bealls get its name?

In April of 1915, Robert M. Beall opened a simple dry goods store on Old Main Street in Bradentown Florida. He named it the “Dollar Limit,” pricing nothing over a dollar. R.M. Beall invested his money in merchandise and little else.

What stores are owned by Bealls?

Family-owned Bealls Inc currently operates more than 540 stores in 17 states under the Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, Home Centric and Bunulu names, and online at and CEO Matt Beall said the deal means the company now owns the national rights to the Bealls name.

What nationality is the name Beall?

The Beall surname is thought to have been created from one of the places so named (in Northumberland, and in West Yorkshire). The place name derives from the Old English “beo,” meaning “bee” and “hyll,” meaning “hill.” There is also a Norman name Beall derived from the Old French “bel.”