Is 12B a good MOS?

Is 12B a good MOS?

The general consensus is working MOS 12B is one of the more fulfilling careers in the Army.

What does a 12B Combat Engineer do?

Combat Engineer Job Duties According to the U.S. Army, duties performed by 12-B combat engineers include: Construct fighting positions, fixed/floating bridges, obstacles, and defensive positions. Place and detonate explosives. Conduct operations that include route clearance of obstacles and rivers.

What is the 21 Bravo MOS?

Performs basic combat construction. Operates various light or heavy engineer wheeled vehicles. Operates or serves as crewmember on a CEV, AVLB, or an ACE while participating in combat mobility, countermobility, and survivability operations. Prepares and installs priming and firing systems for demolition and explosives.

How can I join Delta Force?

How to Join Delta Force. The SFOD-D currently receives its recruits from all over the Army, still pulling mainly from the Ranger Regiments and Special Forces Groups. Recruits must be in the Army, have at least 2.5 years of service left on enlistment and be within the E4-E8 ranks.

Does a combat engineer fight?

Consequently, all engineers are organized, trained, and equipped to fight and destroy the enemy. Combat engineers also have the secondary mission of reorganizing into infantry units and fighting as infantry.

What is the coolest MOS in the Army?

10 Best Army Jobs 2021

  • #6: Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)
  • #5: Counterintelligence Agent (MOS 35L)
  • #4: Criminal Investigations Special Agent (MOS 31D)
  • #3: Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer (MOS 25S)
  • #2: Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst (MOS 35G)
  • #1: Cyber Operations Specialist (MOS 17C)

Do Rangers get Sdap?

Soldiers previously not eligible but now eligible for SDAP are those serving as Rangers, E-5 and above (SD-2 or SD-4, the higher band serving with 75th Rangers); Ranger or Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course instructors (SD-2); and nominative sergeants major rated by general officers or senior executive …

Is 12N a good MOS?

Army Horizontal Construction Engineers (MOS 12N) are terrific heavy equipment operators. The engineers utilize a variety of construction equipment, heavy vehicles, and other tools to complete construction projects for the U.S. Military.

What is the most fun job in the military?

Who’s Got the Coolest Job in the Military?

  • Helicopter pilot.
  • Army helicopter pilots might not have a movie like Top Gun to show off to their parents, but ask a Navy jet pilot (if you can find one) how many dogfights he’s gotten in lately.
  • Golden Knight.
  • Grunt.
  • Combat photographer.
  • Diver.
  • SEAL.
  • Combat controller.

Do combat engineers engage the enemy?

On the modern battlefield, the enemy has the capability to detect, move toward, and engage engineer forces quickly without regard to their location. Consequently, all engineers are organized, trained, and equipped to fight and destroy the enemy.

What does a 25 Bravo do in the army?

This Army job is military occupational specialty (MOS) 25B – Information Technology (IT) Specialists. These soldiers deal with highly sensitive information and need to have technical skills and aptitude for programming and computer languages.