How to plan and write medical school application essay

Medical schools want to find gifted and bright people. Medicine takes an important part in our world. So, if you want to achieve something in this field, be sure that you can show all your skills in the best possible way. Medical school application essay is a working student send to medical schools. This paper is a thing that causes the committee look deeply at the entire application. This article is written to help with creating an application essay.

Choose a topic

This step is an important one because you need to choose an interesting topic, which is close to you. It should be simple, but attention-drawing. Your goal is to link the topic with things and events you have experienced. Choose something narrow enough, stick to it and try to make your work cohesive. Don’t tell about all the events and experience you had. Stay focused, try to pick the most important issues. The theme can be:

  1. The experience that has changed your life and views.
  2. An overview of a significant life experience.
  3. A relationship with a person, who inspires you.

The main goal

The purpose of this work is to show that you are a person, who deserves to become a doctor. So, here are the main ideas you should express:

  1. Who you are.

Your best skills, qualities, characteristics.

  1. Why you are unique.

Show your unique angle, but don’t be arrogant.

  1. Why do you want to become a doctor.

It is a crucial moment because the committee wants to understand your intentions.

  1. Who motivates and inspires you.

Nothing difficult, a family member, a teacher. Everybody has a person who motivates him or her. Even you can’t tell about someone, remember things and events which inspire you.

Making a plan

Application essay doesn’t have a particular structure, but it is necessary to make your work coherent. That’s why a simple plan can help you, it can look in this way:

  1. Introduction
  2. The main part
  3. Conclusion

Nothing difficult, but try to think over your ideas and decide what information suits better for each part.

Before you start to write, check the formatting requirements on the school’s website. You should know the format to get the highest mark.


This part may include information about you, some events which influenced to you and made you think about becoming a doctor. Be honest, create a true, but bright story. Try to introduce yourself with a small story, show your main qualities and skills. The introduction is a part, which should catch readers’ attention.

The main part

It’s time to discuss experiences that helped you to understand that you wanted to become a doctor. During this part try to support the theme you have chosen with arguments and facts. Don’t use cliches, they are usually obvious and can’t make people interested. Provide details, don’t just say that you made something important or helped someone, tell why you did it, what inspired and motivated you. Don’t forget about the language. Your work must be written in a simple and concise manner. Don’t overburden the paper with insignificant information or it would be hard to comprehend your work. If you hesitate about something, ask professionals to help you. There are a lot of sources where you can find useful information. For example, where you can find useful hints on writing an essay and get professional help.


The last part of your paper should sum up all you have said before but don’t copy it. Try to make a conclusion, finishing with a strong statement, which would express your ideas.

As you can see, all you need to write a good medical school application essay is a small plan and your experience. Don’t forget, that your personality is important, the essay tells about your individuality, rather than the topic, you have chosen. Be overt and show the committee that you are a worthy person.