How tall are you if your 5 foot 4 inches?

How tall are you if your 5 foot 4 inches?

If you are 5 feet 4 inches tall, it means you are 64 inches tall, and here’s why: There are 12 inches in each foot, and if there are 5 feet, that’s 12 x 5, which is 60 inches. Plus the remaining 4 inches gives you a total of 64 inches.

What does 5 feet 4 inches mean?

Inches: inches. 5 feet 4 inches in cm = 162.56 cm.

How many cm is 5ft 4in?

162.56 cm
Therefore, 5 feet 4 inches is equivalent to 162.56 cm.

How do you write 5 feet 4 inches?

As an example, five feet, ten inches could be written as 5 ft….Examples

  1. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  2. The 5-foot-4-inch woman drove to work.
  3. The swimming pool is 30 feet long, 15 feet wide and 6 feet deep.
  4. The table measures 7 feet by 5 feet.
  5. The 7-by-5 table fits nicely in the dining room.

How can I calculate my height?

Stand tall with shoulders flat against the wall and slide a flat object, like a book or cutting board, along the wall until you can bring it down to make firm contact with the top of your head. Mark under the object where it lands. Use a tape measure to determine your height from the floor to the mark.

How many feet is 5 feet 4 inches?

Feet to inches conversion table

Feet (ft) Inches (“)
2 ft 24 ″
3 ft 36 ″
4 ft 48 ″
5 ft 60 ″

Is 5ft 4 petite?

What Height Is Considered Petite? Petite sizes are designed for women 5’4” and under, regardless of their size. In the petite category, sizes range from extra-small to plus-size. They also have a “P” label to illustrate a smaller and proportioned fit.

Is 5.4 A good height?

Very rarely. It is more normal in other countries but in India, no matter what people say on face, girls do go for height.

What is my height in inches?

Height Comparison Charts

Feet, inches Inches Centimeters
5 feet 1 in 61 in 154.94 cm
5 feet 2 in 62 in 157.48 cm
5 feet 3 in 63 in 160.02 cm
5 feet 4 in 64 in 162.56 cm

How many centimeters is 5 feet 3 inches?

Five feet three inches (5’3″) is equal to 160.02 cm. This is because there are 30.48 cm in one foot.

What is 5ft 5 inches in cm?

5’5 = 165.1 cm.

How many cm is 5.3 height?

160.02 cm
How many cm is 5’3? Five feet three inches (5’3″) is equal to 160.02 cm.

Is 5.4 short for a woman?

5’4 is approximately the average height for a female in the US/UK. He is slightly below average height for a male.

Is 5 feet 4 inches short for a woman?

5′4 is not short, it is slightly petite. The average American woman is between ,5′4 and 5′5. Its an ideal height, not too short and not too tall.

Is 5 4 a good height for a girl in India?

According to a survey conducted by Ipsos in May 2019 regarding the most important attributes in a person to be considered beautiful, about 44 percent of the Indian respondents considered a height range between 5’1 and 5’4 to be ideal amongst women.

How do you write 5 feet 2 inches?

In some cases a hyphen may help avoid ambiguity. If it’s being used as an adjective, you might add hyphens. “His five-foot-two-inch body was thin as a rail.” You can use numbers if you prefer—”He was 5’2″ and small for his age”—no spaces, and be sure to add the mark for inches.

What height is 5/3 in cm?

Feet to Centimeters (ft to cm) Conversion

Feet + Inches Ft + In Centimetres
5 feet 3 inches 5′ 3″ 160.02 cm
5 feet 4 inches 5′ 4″ 162.56 cm
5 feet 5 inches 5′ 5″ 165.10 cm
5 feet 6 inches 5′ 6″ 167.64 cm