How old was Penelope Mitchell in TVD?

How old was Penelope Mitchell in TVD?

30 years (July 24, 1991)Penelope Mitchell / Age

Who is Olivia in Vampire Diaries?

Olivia “Liv” Parker was a major recurring character in the fifth and sixth seasons of The Vampire Diaries. She was a witch of the Gemini Coven and the twin sister of the late Luke Parker. Liv was also the younger sister of Josette Parker, Malachai Parker, Joey Parker, and three deceased unnamed siblings.

Who plays Liv in vampire?

Penelope Mitchell

Penelope Mitchell
Mitchell at WonderCon 2013.
Born 24 July 1991 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present

Who played Liz Parker on The Vampire Diaries?

Liz Parker
Roswell character
Liz Parker as portrayed by Shiri Appleby
First appearance “Pilot” (episode 1.01)
Last appearance “Graduation” (episode 3.18)

Does Jeremy get with Liv?

Liv seems to have moved on from Jeremy as of the start of Season 6. They barely interacted in Season 6; most likely for two reasons: 1) Liv dated Tyler.

Are Liv Parker and Kai Parker related?

The antagonistic brother-sister relationship between the siphoner turned witch-vampire hybrid, Kai Parker and the witch, Liv Parker.

Is Liv stronger than Bonnie?

Obviously Liv wasn’t ever stronger than any of those versions of Bonnie, as she would have been like near unstoppable if she was. I also think that Bonnie meant her natural power compared to Liv’s, which, the last time she used her own magic, was most likely weaker or equal to Liv’s level when the statement was made.

Does Liv come back to life?

However, Liv was secretly a very powerful witch sent with her brother by their coven to stop Markos and the Travelers. In Home, after Caroline Forbes snaps Luke’s neck sending him to The Other Side, Liv was forced to perform a spell that allows the deceased to be resurrected.

Does Jeremy cheat on Bonnie?

Dated, Sexual, Close Bond; They were in love with each other, Jeremy was Bonnie’s first love; Distant Friends, Former Allies; Cared about each other, Bonnie sacrificed her life for Jeremy and his sister, Jeremy cheated on Bonnie with his deceased former girlfriend (who was a ghost at the time) and caused their first …

Who does Bonnie end up with?

Plec said she started shipping Bonnie and Matt after she saved his life in season 3 episode 5, “The Reckoning.” “I shipped Bonnie and Matt from that day,” she said. “And in my head, the end of the series would be a flash-forward that Bonnie and Matt had gotten together and had a family.”

Who is Kai Parker’s wife?

Husband & Wife, Family; Close Allies; Katherine is Kai’s wife and bestfriend. At first Katherine viewed him as self-centered, violent, sociopathic and cruel person. Katherine began to slowly warm up to him as she got to know him, befriending him in the process.

Is Kai and Jo twins?

The antagonistic, twin brother-sister relationship between the witch Josette Parker and the siphoner turned witch-vampire hybrid, Kai Parker.

Who is the most shipped couple in Vampire Diaries?

The 10 Best ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Couples, Ranked

  • 8) Alaric & Jenna.
  • 7) Caroline & Matt.
  • 6) Alaric & Jo.
  • 5) Stefan & Caroline.
  • 4) Klaus & Caroline.
  • 3) Bonnie & Enzo.
  • 2) Elena & Stefan. The first epic love of Elena’s life was Stefan.
  • 1) Damon & Elena. Do opposites attract?

Does Tyler end up with Liv?

In Prayer For the Dying, Joshua Parker reveals to Liv that Luke is gone and he tries to get her to leave with him but she decides to stay with Tyler. In The Day I Tried To Live, Tyler breaks up with Liv after she chooses death over him.

Who does Jeremy end up with?

He was later given John’s ring, which protects him from a death caused by anything supernatural. In season two, Jeremy falls in love with Bonnie Bennett and they start a relationship.

Did Kai and Katherine have a baby?

Katherine gave birth to their only daughter Isabella, who was kidnapped a day after she was born.

Does Kai meet Katherine?

Kai and Katherine met in Malachai, as they watched Elizabeth converse with two other children. Kai instantly felt pulled to her and wanted Katherine to be his wife, and Katherine clearly felt the same.