How much is High Brow Cat worth?

How much is High Brow Cat worth?

$50 million mark “High Brow Cat is the first cutting horse stallion to see his progeny’s earnings pass the $50 million mark,” said Ernie Beutenmiller Jr., president of the National Cutting Horse Association.

Is High Brow Cat still alive?

All-time leading sire High Brow Cat was humanely euthanized earlier this week, co-owner Darren Blanton confirmed Thursday. The stallion was 31 years old. “We all loved him and this was a difficult decision,” Blanton said. “It’s a sad time for us.

Who is the owner of High Brow Cat?

Founded by Darren Blanton, Colt Ventures purchased High Brow Cat in 2013 with one goal in mind – to preserve the legacy of this great, all-time leading stallion.

Where does High Brow Cat stand?

Crum said High Brow Cat will continue to reside at Blanton’s ranch. Weatherford Equine will still handle the breeding contracts for the stallion, who is out of the mare Smart Little Kitty (by Smart Little Lena).

Did they Clone High Brow Cat?

Cloned by Texas A&M researcher Katrin Hinrichs, DVM, PhD, the DNA is an exact match to that of High Brow Cat. The cloning involved a new mitochondrial DNA procedure which utilized an egg from High Brow Cat’s maternal line to produce an exact replica of the original DNA.

How old is peptoboonsmal?

Peptoboonsmal (Peppy San Badger x Royal Blue Boon x Boon Bar), foaled in 1992, was bred by Larry Hall, Weatherford, Texas.

What breed was high brow Cat?

For the full Black Type pedigree or Genetic Disease Testing results, use the buttons below.

High Brow Cat High Brow Hickory Doc’s Hickory
Very Shortly Shorty Lena Moira Girl
Very Special Peppy Peppy San Badger
Berry Special

How many foals did Doc Bar sire?

485 foals
Doc Bar sired 485 foals that earned 2,492 halter points and 4,569.5 performance points. Among those, a few were even AQHA Champions. Doc Bar himself earned nearly 9,000 AQHA points and won multiple World Champions. Doc Bar died in 1992 at the age of 32.

What breed was high brow cat?

What is metallic cat stud fee?

* For the 2019 breeding season, Metallic Cat’s stud fee is $10,000. However, as a thank you to those who bred their mares to Metallic Cat in 2018, a repeat booking in 2019 will be discounted $5,000. All paid contracts will guarantee eligibility for the 2019 incentives.

How much is peptoboonsmal worth?

Peptoboonsmal’s offspring earnings across all disciplines exceed $20 million. He has been a top cutting horse sire every year since his first foal crop came of show age in 2001. His NRCHA-performing foals have won $1,152,368.59.

How old is metallic cat?

Recent success by sons and daughters of Metallic Cat at the Abilene Spectacular horse show have the 16-year-old stallion on the verge of surpassing one of the cutting industry’s all-time greats.

Is High Brow Cat related to metallic Cat?

Metallic Cat is now the leading son of the great High Brow Cat by offspring earnings.

Is Doc Bar still alive?

Doc Bar died on July 20, 1992, and was buried on the Jensen/Ward Doc Bar Ranch in Paicines, California. Doc Bar was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Association’s (or AQHA) AQHA Hall of Fame in 1993. In 2007 Western Horseman magazine chose Doc as number two on their list of top ten ranch horse bloodlines.

How did impressive get HYPP?

Impressive was born in 1969, and in short order he passed the dominant HYPP gene on to thousands within his breed, a domino effect of disease rushed along by artificial insemination. The disease stands out because its spread was hastened and, in effect, promoted by breeders.

How many foals has metallic Cat had?

Metallic Cat has sired 36 offspring with $100,000-plus each in lifetime earnings, four of which exceed $300,000 each. His leading money-earner is Meteles Cat (out of Teles Lies x Lenas Telesis), bred by Rock and Landy Hedlund, and owned by Cody Hedlund.

Who is metallic cats dad?

Metallic Cat’s owner, Bobby Patton, purchased the right for the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Champion to be on the show at a charity auction during last year’s NCHA Futurity. Money from the $165,000 bid benefitted the NCHA Charities Foundation.

What is the best horse bloodline?

The Top 5 Ranch Horse Bloodlines

  1. Little Peppy.
  2. Doc Bar.
  3. Joe Hancock. A photo taken in Oklahoma, probably about 1927, shows the famous horse in racing shape.
  4. Two Eyed Jack. Courtesy Pitzer Ranch.
  5. Driftwood. Photo by Katy Peake.

How many horses does 6666 ranch have?

Each year, between 1,000-1,250 mares are bred at a state-of-the-art facility and the Sixes maintains their own elite broodmare band of nearly 160. Throughout its long and colorful history, the Burnett Ranches has been a story of family.

Did Yellowstone buy metallic Cat?

Yellowstone Appearance Metallic Cat’s owner, Bobby Patton, purchased the right for the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity Open Champion to be on the show at a charity auction during last year’s NCHA Futurity.