How much is a Trek 4300 Alpha worth?

How much is a Trek 4300 Alpha worth?

Today, you can get a brand new Trek 4300 mountain bike for around $300. It’s a real bargain considering all the value it packs in the package. You can also purchase its disc brake version if you want better brakes. However, it is slightly expensive, coming in at $370 approximately.

What size bike is a Trek 4300?

The 2006 Trek 4300 is an Cross Country Aluminium / Alloy mountain bike. It sports 26″ wheels, comes in a range of sizes, including 13″, 16″, 18″, 19.5″, 21″, 22.5″ and a Shimano drivetrain.

What does a Trek 4300 weigh?

Trek 4300 Specifications

Name Trek 4300
Front Tyre Bontrager Connection
Available Sizes 16 Inches 18 Inches 21 Inches 22.5Inches 24Inches
Available Colours Ball Burnished/Candy Blue Stone Pearl/Platinum
Weight (kg) 12.8

What size is a Trek 4500?

Q: What size 2004 Trek 4500 should I get? The 2004 Trek 4500 comes in sizes 13″, 16″, 18″, 19.5″, 21″, 22.5″, 24″. After measuring your height, use the size chart below to find the typical Trek 4500 size for your height. Remember that these sizes are a general guide and bike sizes can vary between riders and bikes.

What is gold alpha aluminum?

Alpha Gold – Our high-performance lightweight aluminum alloy is continuously cold extruded and butted for weight reduction and superior strength.

What size Trek bike do I need for my height?

Trek Road Bike Sizing Guide

Trek Road Bike Model Rider Height Trek Frame Size
Speed Concept 5’0″ – 5’7″ S
5’4″ – 5’10” M
5’8″ – 6’2″ L
6’1″ – 6’6″ XL

What size mountain bike should I get?

What size mountain bike do I need?

Bike size Frame size Rider height
Extra-small 13-14in 152cm-162cm (5ft-5ft 4in)
Small 14-16in 162cm-170cm (5ft 4in-5ft 7in)
Medium 16-18in 170cm-178cm (5ft 7in-5ft 10in)
Large 18-20in 178cm-185cm (5ft 10in-6ft 1in)

How much does a Trek 4500 mountain bike weight?

Product Specifications

Brakes V-Brakes
Shifters Deore
Weight (kg) 13.6
Available Sizes 13 Inches 15 Inches 18 Inches 19.5 Inches 21 Inches 22.5Inches 24 Inches 24Inches
Front Tyre Size 26×2.1

What aluminum does trek use?

Alpha Aluminum
With Alpha Aluminum, Trek has applied the most sophisticated concepts of metallurgy and stretched them to the absolute maximum—building frames that are strong, light, and provide a ride quality that rivals that of many of their carbon counterparts.

How do I know my trek frame size?

Frame sizes are measured differently today Trek frame size used to be measured by the length of the seat tube. But modern mountain bike geometry is based on reach, not seat tube length. Alpha sizing is simpler and helps you find the right fit by the measurement that matters most.

What does ALR stand for Trek?

Lightweight aluminum perfection
Lightweight aluminum perfection Émonda ALR is a lightweight aluminum road bike that surpasses the performance of many of its carbon competitors. Like every Émonda, it’s built to be the lightest in its class.