How much is a PS3 Slim worth 2021?

How much is a PS3 Slim worth 2021?

A used PS3 Slim is worth between $57 – $400 depending on condition, hard drive size, and whether the consoles comes boxed or with games.

Which is better PS3 or PS3 Slim?

A key improvement with the PS3 slim is the improved power consumption due to the 45nm cell processor. The PS3 slim consumes at about half the rate of the original PS3. Since the PS3 slim consumes less power, there is lesser heat to dissipate.

Does Sony still make PS3 consoles?

Sony has announced that the PS3 is officially ending production. After 11 years and 3 model redesigns, Sony has finally decided that the PS3 has seen its day. It brings to an end what was a great console and in addition, closes another successful chapter in Sony’s history.

When was the PS3 Slim discontinued?

PlayStation 3

Top: Original PlayStation 3 (2006) Center: PlayStation 3 Slim (2009) Bottom: PlayStation 3 Super Slim (2012)
Discontinued NZ: September 29, 2015 EU: March 2016 AU: March 2016 NA: October 2016 JP: May 29, 2017
Units shipped 87.4 million (as of March 31, 2017)

What’s the difference between PS3 Slim and Super Slim?

The biggest difference between the Super Slim and previous PS3 models is the power supply (PSU, or power supply unit). The 190W PSU uses half the power of the original PS3, which besides being one of the largest game consoles in history also has a massive 380W PSU.

Can the PS3 Slim play PS2 games?

The “slim” and “super slim” models are not backwards compatible. The ones with 4 USB ports on the front are. If you don’t have a backwards compatible PS3, the only way to play PS2 games on it without jailbreaking is by purchasing and downloading the games available on the PlayStation Store.

Is the PS3 still supported 2022?

“Due to the depletion of parts inventory, we will no longer be able to provide after-sales service for the PlayStation 3 CECH-4300 series main unit and all PlayStation 3 peripherals on April 30, 2022 (Saturday). If you are considering applying for this service, please make your request as soon as possible!”

How much is a PS3 now?

PS3 “Buy” Prices (What you can expect to pay as of 06/24/2022)

Model eBay Current Price @ eBay eBay Current Price @ eBay
PS3 Slim 160 GB N/A $144
PS3 Slim 250 GB N/A $117
PS3 Slim 320 GB N/A $129
PS3 Super Slim 250 GB N/A $147

When did PlayStation 3 Slim come out?

September 1, 2009
The PlayStation 3 Slim was released on September 1, 2009, in North America, Europe/ PAL territories at a discounted retail prices (RRP) of $299 USD and €299. The PS3 Slim dropped in Japan on September 3, 2009 (odd, in that Sony usually releases in Japan first), with a retail price of 29,980 yen (including tax).

What should I do with my old PS3?

If you have a collection of old video game consoles sitting around and aren’t sure what to do with them, check out this guide.

  • Sell It. Most people’s gut reaction would be to sell their old console.
  • Donate It.
  • Hack It.
  • Gut It.
  • Use It as a Media Center.
  • Set Up a Game Room.
  • Recycle It.

How Much is the PS3 Super Slim worth?

Playstation 3 500GB Super Slim System Playstation 3

Loose Price Add shipping
Site Price
Amazon $154.00

How many versions of the PS3 are there?

There are several original PlayStation 3 hardware models, which are commonly referred to by the size of their included hard disk drive: 20, 40, 60, 80, or 160 GB. Although referred to by their HDD size, the capabilities of the consoles vary by region and release date.

Can you jailbreak a slim PS3?

Models of PS3 which can be jailbroken include the following: Fat — All PS3 Fat models are supported. Slim — If the first two numbers after “CECH” are “20”, “21”, or “25”, and if your PS3 Slim model is version 3.56 or lower, your console is supported. Super Slim — No PS3 Super Slim models are supported.