How much is a blue German Shepherd worth?

How much is a blue German Shepherd worth?

between $1,200 and $1,500
How much does a Blue German Shepherd cost? A standard German Shepherd normally costs between $300 and $700 for a puppy. A Blue German Shepherd puppy is much more expensive and can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $1,500. This is due to the fact that the breed is rare and finding a breeder can be difficult.

Are blue German Shepherds rare?

The blue variation of a German Shepherd is very rare. You will not commonly see one of these blue beauties walking around because not many breeders produce blue puppies. Most German Shepherd owners are looking for the stereotypical black and tan variety.

What are blue German Shepherds called?

Working line dogs can end up being born blue, which again makes them look quite important. They are called blue German Shepherds because of their distinctive blue/grey coat color and lighter eyes. And they are acquired with the same motivation as a show line dog: to have a dog that the owner finds visually aesthetic.

How much are blue and tan German Shepherd?

The price of a Blue German Shepherd averages around $1,500, depending on the breeder and the dog’s genetics. Though this is nothing compared to some other rare dog varieties, it’s significantly more than the standard German Shepherd’s price of $300 to $900.

Why are blue German Shepherds rare?

According to the AKC the blue color is a serious fault in their genes. While they can still be entered into activity events, they are rarely entered because darker German Shepherds are favored.

What is the rarest color for a German Shepherd?

The rarest color of German Shepherd is the isabella due to the recessive combination of liver and blue.

What is the rarest German Shepherd color?

The rarest color of German Shepherd is the isabella due to the recessive combination of liver and blue.

How do you know if you have a blue German Shepherd?

The Blue GSD will look very similar to the standard GSD minus coat color. Other than the color of his coat, the blue German Shepherd will follow the same characteristics of any standard German Shepherd. The males will weigh between 65 and 90 pounds.

What is the best color of German Shepherd?

1) Black and Tan Black and tan is the most common color combination for the German Shepherd and is probably what you think of when you picture a German Shepherd. The black and tan coloration is actually caused by a recessive gene.

What color eyes do blue German Shepherds have?

German Shepherds, for example, will rarely have blue eyes due to a genetic variation, though most breeders consider it a fault. Sometimes dogs will have two differently colored eyes, with one blue or partially blue, which is called heterochromia (which can sometimes indicate a health problem).

What is the rarest color of a German Shepherd?

How rare is a German Shepherd with blue eyes?

Blue-eyed German Shepherds are very rare. The blue-eyed gene does exist in this breed. However, it is not nearly as common as the brown-eyed gene. Therefore, finding these dogs is difficult.

What is the rarest color German Shepherd?

What color dog is least adopted?

Much like their feline counterparts, black dogs find it difficult when it comes to adoption. Particularly larger black dogs – they are often left forgotten in what many shelter works call black dog syndrome.