How much is a 250 Kawasaki dirt bike?

How much is a 250 Kawasaki dirt bike?

7.99 Lakh
7.99 Lakh. It is available in 1 variant and 1 colour. Powered by a 249 cc bs6 engine, the Kawasaki KX 250 2022 has a 5-Speed gearbox.

Is the Kawasaki KX250 a 2 stroke?

The Kawasaki KX250 is a 2-stroke motocross motorcycle that was first introduced in 1974. The 2-stroke KX-250 was discontinued from the 2008 model year.

How fast is a KX250 2021?

Related: Best Motocross Bike 4th Place—2021 Kawasaki KX250 While the 2021 machine makes it at 13,200 rpm, the 2020 model produces it at 12,400 rpm….2021 Kawasaki KX250 Engine Specifications.

Type: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke single-cylinder; 4 valves/cyl.
Bore x Stroke: 78.0 x 52.2mm
Displacement: 249cc

How tall do you have to be to ride a KX250?

So to answer the question, how tall should you be to ride a 250f Dirt Bikes?…Choose the Right Seat Height for your Height.

Height Seat Height
172 cm 86.36cm- 96.5cm

How much HP does a KX250 have?

39.60 hp
Powertrain: Engine, Transmission, and Performance The KX250 is powered by the 249cc, four-stroke, DOHC liquid-cooled engine. This dirt bike recorded 39.60 hp at 13,220 rpm and 18.38 pound-feet at 9,440 rpm on our rear-wheel in-house dyno.

How much is a 2021 KX250 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $8,299 $8,475
Options (Add)
Total Price $8,299 $8,475

Is a 250 quad fast?

A 250cc quad has an average top speed of 50 mph and a highest top speed of 60 mph. This is how the engine capacity influences the top speed of a quad: 50 cc – 13 to 15 mph.

What is a good size beginner dirt bike?

Generally, a 125cc two-stroke or a 250cc four-stroke dirt bike will suit a beginning rider better than something with more (unnecessary) power. Avoid the biggest motor 450 Motocross bike, because these will be too powerful for a beginner.

How many horsepower does a 250cc engine have?

There’s no direct correlation between horsepower and a 250cc engine, since horsepower measurement depends on other factors, but a broad estimate is 15 to 16 horsepower in a 250cc engine.

How fast can a 250 2-stroke go?

A 250cc dirt bike can go 55 to 80 mph or about 90 to 113 km/h, but it depends on the gear. 250cc bikes can achieve over 80mph of speed, but they can’t get past 100mph under normal circumstances due to their limit set for street riders. So, you’ll usually find these dirt bikes limited to about 80 mph.