How much horsepower does a 2008 CRF 250 have?

How much horsepower does a 2008 CRF 250 have?

42.15 HP
Water cooled, 249cc, Single, SOHC

Power: 42.15 HP (31 kW) @ 11000 rpm
Torque: 29.2 Nm (21.54 lb-ft) @ 9500 rpm
Final drive: Chain
Curb weight: 222.7 lbs
Category: Offroad

What’s the difference between a CRF250R and CRF250X?

For something more than the usual, lackluster, air-cooled four-stroke trail machine; there is the CRF250X. It has the same style and design as the 250R but with higher performance, inverted fork, and shock setup. It has a better and easy adjustable suspension made for trail bikes.

How much HP does a CRF 250 have?

39.0 hp
The CRF250R is powered by a 249cc single-cylinder engine that, when measured on our in-house dyno, cranked 39.0 hp at 12,900 rpm and 18.8 pound-feet of torque at 9,500 rpm at the rear wheel.

How much does a CRF 250 weigh?

2021 Honda CRF250R Specifications

Ground Clearance 11.3 inches
Seat Height 34.8 inches
Curb Weight 265 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel-ready to ride)

What is a Honda CRF250X?

THE ENGINE The Honda CRF250X runs a liquid cooled, 249cc, 78mm x 54mm bore and stroke, single four-stroke power plant. Despite virtually every other manufacturer going for a twin-cam layout, the entire CR range is served by the Unicam four valve design.

Does the CRF250X have electric start?

As of 2014, the CRF-X series includes the CRF250X and the CRF450X. These bikes have electric start, but are still considered race bikes, albeit for off-road rather than motocross.

What does a 2007 CRF250X weigh?

225 pounds
2007 Honda CRF250X- Specifications

Model: CRF250X
Ground Clearance: 13.6 inches
Dry Weight: 225 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 2.2 gallons
Color: Red

Is a CRF 250 a good bike?

The CRF250L has long been a popular choice. Renowned for comfort, smoothness, reliability, and value, this bike does it all “good.” It is not the most powerful in its segment, but it has really good power over a wide rpm range.

Can you jump a Honda CRF250F?

You don’t want to jump the Honda CRF250F. Even on small water-bar jumps on trails, the CRF250F will land with a thud. It blows through the travel quickly upon touchdown. This is a side-effect of the traction-delivering soft suspension.

Is the 2008 CRF250R a good bike?

Major engine mods increased power across the board this year. The power was definitely impressive, and our testers felt the 250R might be the next best thing to a dirt-hucking 450. Also, suspension was plush, and the bike won friends right out of the gate.

Is the CRF250X fuel injected?

The CRF250X’s displaces its 249cc via a 78mm x 52.2mm bore and stroke, and its fueling is handled by a Keihin 37mm flat-slide carburetor with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) that helps to give it more of a fuel-injected throttle response.

How much HP does a CRF450X have?

41.1 hp
2021 Honda CRF450X Engine Even with some restrictions and a little detuning, the CRF450X produces plenty of power, churning out 41.1 hp and 30.2 pound-feet of torque on the Dirt Rider dyno.