How much does a NFL helmet cost?

How much does a NFL helmet cost?

Helmets from official NFL helmet maker Riddell retail for $120 – $400 each, depending on the model. We hope that NFL teams receive a bulk discount for their helmet purchases! According to, the average cost of equipment per player in the NFL is $1100 – $1200.

What’s the difference between a youth football helmet?

Economy youth helmets offer more sizes and do have their own size chart. Youth helmets typically have thicker jaw pads and smaller chin straps. The main difference between an adult and youth helmet is the material used to construct the shell. Adult helmets are made from a polycarbonate material.

How do you size a youth football helmet?

Measurements for helmet size should be taken one inch (1″) above the eyebrow and around the circumference of the head….Fitting instructions

  1. Place the helmet on your head.
  2. Adjust the low buckles and secure.
  3. Adjust the high buckles and secure.
  4. Check for proper fit.
  5. Lock the buckles in place.

What is the best helmet for youth football?

#1. VICIS ZERO2 YOUTH. Cost: $549.00.

  • #2. XENITH SHADOW XR YOUTH. Cost: $449.00.
  • #3. VICIS ZERO1 YOUTH. Cost: $495.00.
  • #5. XENITH YOUTH X2E+ Cost: $199.00.
  • #6. SCHUTT YOUTH VENGEANCE Z10 VTD. Cost: $399.99.
  • #7. SCHUTT YOUTH F7. Cost: $569.95.
  • Which NFL helmet is the safest?

    The Vicis 02 is the safest helmet you can purchase right now. You can get one from Vicis for $699. Now, the second highest helmet on the NFL and NFLPA list, the Vicis 02 Trench. This helmet is basically the exact same helmet as the Vicis 02 but with an extra external pad.

    How big is a youth XL football helmet?

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    Adult/Pro Youth Helmets
    Medium 6 1/2 – 7 20 1/2 – 22″
    Large 7 – 7 1/2 22 – 23 1/2″
    X-Large 7 1/2 – 8 23 1/2 -25″
    Youth Helmets

    How long is a youth football helmet good for?

    Football helmets should be replaced no later than 10 years from the date of manufacture. Many helmets will need to be replaced sooner, depending upon wear and tear.

    How do I know what size football helmet to buy?

    Measure the player’s head. Wrap a flexible tape measure around the head, about an inch above the eyebrows, to determine the head’s circumference. Use the Schutt football helmet size chart and select the proper helmet based on your measurement.

    What size is a youth medium football helmet?

    Helmet Sizes

    Youth Sizes Head Size Head Circumference
    XSmall 6 3/8 – 6 5/8 20″ – 20 3/4″
    Small 6 5/8 – 6 7/8 20 3/4″ – 21 1/2″
    Medium 6 7/8 – 7 1/8 21 1/2″ – 22 1/4″
    Large 7 1/8 – 7 3/8 22 1/4″ – 23″

    What helmet does davante Adams wear?

    Schutt Air XP Q11
    Davante Adams wears one of Schutt’s lightest helmets, the Schutt Air XP Q11.