How much do Mud Lites weigh?

How much do Mud Lites weigh?

30-inch tires for 14-inch wheels

Brand and Model Tire Size Weight (lb)
ITP Mud Lite XXL 30×10-14 37.0
ITP Mud Lite XXL 30×12-14 38.0
High Lifter Silverback MT2 30-9-14 45.0
Maxxis Mudzilla 30X9-14 35.9

Are Mud Lites good?

The ITP Mud Lite is a strong option for any rider who plans on handling mud and snow, without precluding them from riding well on trails. The tire’s lightweight design will provide a noticeable improvement in performance, while still offering enough tread to get through the trickier terrain.

What do 28 Assassinators weigh?

A Low-Weight Option

Tire SKU Weight
ASN-28/10/14 50 lb
ASN-29.5/8/14 53 lb
ASN-29.5/10/14 54 lb
ASN-32/8/14 60 lb

Who makes the lightest ATV tire?

MaxxisZilla is the lightest aggressive ATV mud tire in our roundup and one of the lightest ATV mud tires on the market. You won’t be sacrificing any acceleration or speed with this tire. With a lug depth of 1.19 inches, these tires are built to dig into the soft stuff while the middle lugs keep the ride smooth.

What does ITP stand for in tires?

The imaginative engineering team at ITP continually pushes the envelope with tire-and-wheel innovations that answer demands for new vehicle introductions, durability requirements and fitment upgrades. We develop award-winning tire-and-wheel designs for virtually all ATVs and side-by-side vehicles.

How much do Assassinators cost?

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This item SuperATV Assassinator® UTV / ATV Mud Tire for RZR, X3, General, Maverick, Ranger, Rock & All Terrain UTV Mud Tire | 28×10-14 | 3″ Tread Depth | 6 Ply Ratings
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What do silverback tires weigh?

Worth knowing: These massive, luggy tires weigh in at just 45 pounds for a 30-inch tire. Reason for being: The Gorilla Axle Silverback is an all-in mud tire.

Are all ITP Tires Made in USA?

ITP offers rugged, high-performance tires and wheels designed to withstand the demands of cutting-edge use of all terrain vehicles, from sport racing to trail riding, mud tires to beadlock wheels. Many of ITP’s tires are manufactured in the USA, in Clinton, Tennessee and Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

What ply tire is best for UTV?

Most machines come with a ply rating of four, although some UTVs are now coming standard with a six-ply tire. “Unless you are going to be using the vehicle where there are thorns, cactus, or large sticks and you need to worry about puncture resistance, the four-ply tire will be just fine,” explains Greving.

What do 34 Assassinators weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎
Model ‎Assassinator
Item Weight ‎63 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎34 x 34 x 8 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No

How much do black mamba tires weigh?

30-10-12 weighs 66 lbs. and 27-10-12 weighs 55 lbs. A new dimension has been reached with the meanest atv tire yet developed for the high performance All Terrain vehicles. The monster that has changed the rules goes by the name of BLACK MAMBA.

What does ITP tires stand for?

What is the toughest UTV tire?

The Fuel Gripper T/R/K Kevlar is easily the toughest and most durable tire on this list, thanks to the synthetic aramid fiber, but also the puncture-resistant technology. It also comes with a 10-ply rating, which means that it can be driven at very low pressures.

Who makes Black Mamba tires?

Interco Tire
The Black Mamba from Interco Tire is the meanest and most aggressive ATV tire developed for high performance All-Terrain Vehicles.

Can wrong size tires damage transmission?

Increasing Tire or Rim Size Can Cause Premature Wear If you are running an automotive transmission this can cause some serious strain depending on the current gear ratio if you choose not to re-gear your system.