How much do gold players quick sell for?

How much do gold players quick sell for?

FUT 22 Quick Sell Prices – Player Cards

Rating Card Rare
85 Gold 680
86 Gold 688
87 Gold 696
88 Gold 704

What team is Messi on FIFA 13?

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi on the Cover of FIFA 13.

What is quick sell FIFA?

Quick Sell or QUICKSELL is a selling option in FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA Mobile which allows you to sell your items to the system immediately and get coins instead if your item is tradeable. Quick Sell rates are cheap if you compare them with the rate you can sell your items on the Transfer Market.

How much does a 85 OVR Quicksell for?

82,000 Coins
85 Overall – 82,000 Coins. 86 Overall – 120,000 Coins. 87 Overall – 170,000 Coins.

How much is 91 Quicksell?

Madden 22 training values | Madden 22 quicksell training values

Card Ranking Training Points
88 2,180
89 3,150
90 5,000
91 7,000

What team is Ronaldo on FIFA 14?

FUT 14: Team of the Year Forwards Ronaldo’s combination of strength, pace and finishing ability is arguably the most striking, especially when you consider the Real Madrid star’s latest variation makes his previous in-form stats seem low.

How do I get my quick sell player back?

How do I recover my player item?

  1. Log in to the FIFA Web or Companion App.
  2. Select Club.
  3. Select Quick Sell Recovery.
  4. Use the calendar icon to find the day you Quick Sold the Item you want to get back.
  5. Select the Player Item you want to recover.
  6. Select Recover.

How long do players stay in Quicksell recovery?

If you’ve Quick Sold (which some players might refer to as “discarded”) a Player Item in FIFA Ultimate Team and want to get it back, you can use Quick Sell Recovery in the FIFA Web and Companion Apps up to 7 days after the Quick Sell.

How much does a 81 platinum player sell for?

Platinum Quicksell Values in Madden 21 MUT

Madden 21 MUT Platinum Quicksell Values
81 26,000
82 38,000
83 55,000
84 80,000

How much does an 85 overall platinum?

85 Overall – 82,000 Coins.

How much does an 80 overall Quicksell for?

Here’s the list for future reference: 80 OVR – 13,000. 81 OVR – 18,000. 82 OVR – 26,000.

How old is Messi FIFA 14?

27 years of age
Lionel Messi FIFA 14 – TOTY is the Team of the Year card belonging to Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona. His nationality on the card is Argentine, the demonym of Argentina. His original position is Centre Forward, and on the card he is 27 years of age.

Can you quick sell recover untradeable?

Quick sell recovery requires players to pay back the coins they received for originally discarding them. This isn’t an issue with untradeable cards, but worth bearing in mind with special cards that have big quick sell values.

Can you Quicksell recover a player twice?

Only Player Items are recoverable. All other Items cannot be recovered once they’re Quick Sold. If you delete your Club and create a new one, you cannot recover Player Items from your old Club in Quick Sell Recovery.

How much is 88 Quicksell?

250,000 Coins
85 Overall – 82,000 Coins. 86 Overall – 120,000 Coins. 87 Overall – 170,000 Coins. 88 Overall – 250,000 Coins.

How much does a 85 platinum Quicksell for?

What is Messi pace in FIFA 21?

Lionel Messi’s FIFA 22 rating is 93 and that makes him the best player in the game. His overall rating has remained unchanged from FIFA 21….FIFA 22 ratings: Messi vs. Ronaldo.

Rating Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi
Pace 87 85
Shooting 93 92
Passing 82 91
Dribbling 88 95