How many takes for OK Go video treadmill?

How many takes for OK Go video treadmill?

The video was conceived and directed by front man Damian Kulash’s sister. Shot in one continuous take, it took the band 17 tries to get the treadmill dance right. This was one of the first truly viral videos, racking up more than 50 million views and earning OK Go a Grammy along the way.

Who choreographed OK Go Here It Goes Again?

Choreographed and co-directed by the band and lead singer Damian Kulash’s sister Trish Sie, it took a total of seventeen attempts to complete the video.

Where is OK Go from?

Chicago, ILOK Go / Origin

Are OK Go videos real?


How much do OK Go videos cost?

He and about a dozen of his Mindshare peers landed the OK Go project after the band posted a job listing last summer, outlining its Rube Goldberg idea. The videos budget was about $150,000.

How did OK Go get their name?

The band’s lead singer, Damian Kulash, met bassist Tim Nordwind at Interlochen Arts Camp near Traverse City, Michigan, when they were 11. The band name comes from an inside joke developed at Interlochen; they had an often high art teacher who would repeatedly say, “OK… Go!” while they were drawing.

How many takes did OK Go take?

60 takes
The video was shot by a single Steadicam, but it took more than 60 takes, over the course of two days, to get it right. Many of those takes lasted about 30 seconds, Sadowsky said, getting no further than the spot in the video where the car tire rolls down a ramp.

Why did Matchbox 20 change their name?

The name Matchbox 20 has an interesting origin. Cook explained that when drummer Paul Douchette was a waiter, he saw a customer wearing a jacket with a lot of patches on it. One patch on the front said Matchbox, and another on the back said 20, so he put them together.

How can I find a song by the sound?

Use the Google app to name a song

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How old is Rube Goldberg?

87 years (1883–1970)Rube Goldberg / Age at death
Rube Goldberg, the cartoon ist, died of cancer yesterday at his home, 169 East 69th Street. He was 87 years of age. A satirist of American folk ways, Mr.