How many people drown in Kauai yearly?

How many people drown in Kauai yearly?


County Count Rate
Hawaii 38 18.72
Honolulu 124 11.78
Kauai 9 11.29
Maui 25 14.86

Can you swim in hanakapiai Beach?

Although Hanakapi’ai Beach is indeed a dangerous swimming spot, most drownings and near-drownings in Hanakapi’ai are in the river when people try to cross in water that is too fast and deep and they are swept away by flooding river waters.

Can you swim on the NaPali Coast?

Swimming is possible on Kalalau Beach, but not without dangers. Because the beach lacks a protective offshore reef to block incoming waves, high surf is common, especially during the winter months. Also, there are strong rip and alongshore currents, which may be difficult to spot, even if the ocean appears calm.

Has anyone died on the Kalalau Trail?

Notable incidents A fatality occurred in June 2012 at Kalalau Beach campsite when a 30-year-old woman fell to her death near the beach waterfall. Another incident occurred in December 2012 when a 31-year-old Japanese national was pushed from a cliff along the trail and was critically injured.

Are there riptides in Hawaii?

Hawaii Beach Safety Tips. Most of Hawaii’s beaches look inviting and for many people, the word “beach” is equivalent to “fun.” However, swimming in the ocean is unlike swimming in a pool and especially in Hawaii, powerful shorebreaks, high surf, strong currents and rip tides are common.

How many people drowned in Hawaii 2019?

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) injury prevention branch said data shows more and more visitors are drowning every year. According to the data, there were 93 drownings in 2019 — which was a new record.

Is there crime in Kauai?

You may be in paradise, but be aware there is crime on Kauai. Always lock your bicycle (even if you’re just leaving it for a minute). You are responsible if it is stolen. Remember that weather in Hawaii is not like your weather back home — an island rainstorm can cause a flash flood.

Can you camp at hanakapiai Beach?

Camping is allowed at Hanakapiai Beach, but a permit is required.

Is it too cold to swim in Kauai in December?

Avoid Swimming the Kauai North Shore in December It may not be snowing or too cold to swim, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe to go swimming in Kauai during the winter. This is especially true for the north shore. Winter usually brings harsh waves and hazardous conditions to the beaches on the north shore.

Is Kalalau Trail Safe?

The Kalalau Trail can be very dangerous, especially in bad weather. There are many hazards that you need to be aware of to keep you and your companions safe. We recommend using the buddy system. Having a buddy with you who can help you in case of emergency can help save your life.

How difficult is Kalalau Trail?

Though it’s unbelievably beautiful, there’s no doubt that the Kalalau Trail can be extremely perilous at points. The trail is narrow, steep, rocky, and dotted with natural hazards ranging from strong water currents to falling rocks. Steep dropoffs into the water are especially dangerous.

What is the deadliest beach in Hawaii?

Located on the secluded Na Pali Coast, Hanakapi’ai Beach has been called the most dangerous beach in Hawaii. It’s also one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii! The water often looks fine, but a dangerous rip current has swept several people out to sea. Read more about Hanakapi’ai Beach.

Are there great whites near Hawaii?

Great white shark sightings are rare in Hawaii, but adult white sharks from Mexico and California seasonally visit island waters.

How many tourist drown in Hawaii?

Hawaii Drowning Statistics: Hawaiian Beaches Can Be Dangerous, Especially for Tourists. Between 2008 and 2017, 682 people drowned in Hawaii’s oceans. That’s an average of 68 deaths per year—and more than half of the deceased were tourists.

Which Hawaiian island has most drownings?

island of Maui
One of the most evocative spots in Hawaii, Puu Kekaa, also called Black Rock, is located along the north end of Kaanapali Beach on the island of Maui. It offers stunning views, snorkeling and a nightly cliff diving ceremony. But Puu Kekaa may also have the highest rate of snorkeling-related drownings per year.

What should I avoid in Kauai?

4 Places to Avoid in Kauai

  • Beaches Without Lifeguards. In the recent years, an increasing number of tourists have been deviating towards the secluded, non-touristy beaches of Kauai.
  • Dangerous Hiking Trails.
  • Kipu Falls.
  • Freshwater Pools.
  • Final Thoughts.

Is Kauai safe at night?

Although tourist areas are generally safe, visitors should always stay alert, even in laid-back Hawaii. It’s wise to ask the island tourist office if you’re in doubt about which neighborhoods are safe. Avoid deserted areas, especially at night.

Do you need a permit for hanakapiai Beach?

Permits Required In-order to access the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park as well as the Kalalau Trail, visitors have to go through Hāʻena SP. Hāʻena SP now requires advanced reservations for entry except for those with valid camping permits for the Nāpali Coast SWP.