How many jewel cichlids can be kept together?

How many jewel cichlids can be kept together?

You can house one Jewel Cichlid in a 30-gallon tank, and another 10 gallons for each additional Cichlid. Some seasoned hobbyists claim success with a pair in a 30-gallon tank, but it’s a risky experiment.

How big does a jewel cichlid get?

The jewelfish attains a maximum length of 12 inches but usually averages only four to five inches when full-grown in captivity. They are very brightly colored and their colors become even more intense during breeding.

What can you put with jewel cichlids?

February 13, 2021 February 12, 2021 by Sean B. Jewel cichlids are fun freshwater fish that don’t get nearly enough of the recognition that they deserve….Here are the best jewel cichlid tank mates.

  • Clown Loaches.
  • Giant Danios.
  • Plecos.
  • Electric Blue Acaras.
  • Redtail Shark.
  • Synodontis Catfish.
  • Rainbowfish.
  • Leopard Bushfish.

Are jewel cichlids aggressive?

Behavior & Temperament. Jewel cichlids have a reputation for being quite aggressive fish and potentially difficult to manage in certain situations.

Why do jewel cichlids turn red?

However, when it wears courting colors the Jewel fish is absolutely beautiful. In breeding season, the head and belly turn a fiery red and the scales on the flanks and gill-plates sparkle like blue-green jewels.

How fast do jewel cichlids grow?

On average, you can expect your fish to reach its expected size in 2-3 years; this does not mean that your fish can’t exceed these expectations though, and may continue to grow!

Are jewel cichlids fin nippers?

You should also be aware that jewel cichlids are avid fin nippers, especially if they are underfed. Keep this in mind when choosing tank mates for your jewel cichlids – you don’t want to pair them with species that have long flowing fins.

How can you tell if a jewel cichlid is male or female?

A male jewel cichlid is larger and more deeply colored than the females of the species. While both the male and female are covered with small spots all over their bodies, the male’s spots are iridescent, often shimmering in shades of aqua and yellow where the female’s appear white or silver.

Are jewel cichlids Hardy?

Jewel cichlids are very hardy fish that can adept to most surroundings as long as there are caves and a few flats rocks present. They are not suitable for aquariums of less than 150 L / 40 gallon. A smaller aquarium can be used to house a single pair for breeding purposes.