How many BTU is a Trane xb80?

How many BTU is a Trane xb80?

100000 BTU 80% AFUE 4 Ton Single-Stage Upflow and Horizontal Left 1/2 hp Natural or Propane Furnace.

What does flashing red light on Trane furnace mean?

You should never be concerned when there is a continuously blinking light. This means that your furnace is working normally. The red blinking light for your Trane XR90 furnace indicates that your unit was shut off due to a problem. Your system is currently locked out of its normal operation or ability to function.

What is a Trane XR80?

Trane’s XR80 is a single stage gas furnace with an AFUE of up to 80%. The XR80 furnace includes a four-speed blower motor, a self-diagnostic microelectronic controller, and a silicon nitride igniter. The one-piece heat exchanger offers easy installation.

Is Trane XB80 a good furnace?

The Trane XB80 furnace is a straightforward, durable model commonly used in real estate development. The XB80 uses tried-and-true technology to reliably heat your home. The Trane XB80 furnace typically costs between $4,300 – $5,500, including labor and permit fees.

How do I reset my Trane XB80?

If you look inside the blower motor fan, you should find the reset button. Look for a small red or yellow button on the side of the blower motor. If you do not see one on the side of the motor that is facing you, feel around to the back of the motor housing for the button.

How do you fix a blinking red light on a furnace?

This could be an indicator your flame sensor is dirty, and cleaning it should fix it. However, this could also mean there is a problem with the gas valve or ignitors. Gas can be intimidating to mess with, so it’s best to call Doc Dancer.

What does a solid red light on my furnace mean?

If your oil furnace isn’t coming on, you may see a red light illuminated on the burner unit. When lit, this red light, also called a lockout light, indicates that a safety mechanism on your furnace has caused a shutdown because it has detected a problem or recognized a fault.

How much does a Trane XR80 cost?

Trane XR80 Furnace Price range: $3,200 – $3,600.

How do I reset my Trane xb80?

How long do Trane furnaces last?

about 20 years
These features allow their furnaces to heat and cool your home for a long time. In most cases, it’s possible to get an extended warranty with your Trane furnace to help safeguard your investment. As a result, you can expect your furnace to last for about 20 years.

Where is the Trane reset button?

Turn off the power and open up the control panel to access the reset buttons on these models. Next, lift the cover to the blower compartment, and you should see the reset button sitting next to the blower motor and blower wheel.

How do you clean the coils on a Trane air handler?

To clean your outdoor condenser coils with a commercial cleaner, the HVAC professional will turn your unit off and clean off excess debris. Next, they’ll spray the coil with a commercial cleaning solution, let it soak for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

How do I find my AC filter?

The air filter can be located at the bottom of an up-flow, vertical system and the top of a down-flow, vertical system. Horizontal HVAC systems — Horizontal HVAC systems are found in attics, garages, or large basements. The air filter will most likely be positioned vertically in a slot on the side of the unit.