How long is the Box Hill stepping stones walk?

How long is the Box Hill stepping stones walk?

72 miles
Box Hill Fort It is one of 13 military installations forming a series of defences 72 miles (116km) long on the North Downs, known as the London Defence Scheme.

Where can I walk Box Hill?

Box Hill walks

  • Explore the natural play trail at Box Hill in Surrey National Trust / Jason Ingram.
  • The Stepping Stones at Box Hill, Surrey Andrew Butler / National Trust.
  • A family autumn walk at Box Hill, Surrey john Miller.
  • Find Broadwood’s Tower at Box Hill on the Happy Valley circular walk James Ingle.

How many steps are at Box Hill?

275 stairs & fantastic view – Box Hill.

How long does it take to walk down Box Hill?

The Box Hill Hike It should take around four hours but allow extra time for rest stops and lunch. The ground is rough in places with slippery slopes and rough paths – the views at the top of the climbs are well worth it.

Where is Box Hill UK?

Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey, approximately 31 km (19 mi) south-west of London. The hill gets its name from the ancient box woodland found on the steepest west-facing chalk slopes overlooking the River Mole.

What is Box Hill famous for?

An outstanding area of woodland and chalk downland managed by The National Trust, Box Hill has long been famous as a destination for day-trippers from London. It has much to offer families, as well as ramblers and naturalists, with many beautiful walks and views towards the South Downs.

How hard is it to walk up Box Hill?

The Box Hill hike is fairly challenging with a couple of very steep sections. It flirts between a moderate and hard difficulty. What is this? In total, this hike is around 8 miles (12.8kms), so will take you anywhere between 4 to 6 hours to complete including stops along the way.

Is Box Hill a hard walk?

This walk is an eight mile circular walk, with steep climbs, descents into deep valleys and many steps. It covers much of the Box Hill estate and passes some wonderful viewpoints and pubs to enjoy a refreshing drink or lunch. Please don’t start this walk without suitable footwear, clothing or provisions.

How hard is Box Hill walk?

Do you need hiking boots for Box Hill?

Why is Box Hill famous?

Box Hill is steeped in history having always been popular among road cyclists and as early as the 1890s drew hundreds of people to line the road for Dorking Cycle Club events. It was also seen as a scenic spot for Victorian day trippers to escape the smoggy air of inner city London.

What is Box Hill known for?

Who is buried upside down on Box Hill?

Major Peter Labelliere
Near to Box Hill Fort is the grave of Dorking eccentric Major Peter Labelliere (1726-1800). He left instructions that on his death he was to be buried upside down on Box Hill, claiming that the world was topsy-turvy and he wanted to be right in the end.

Where is Box Hill Jane Austen?

The Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel, sat at the foot of the hill, is said to be where she penned part of Emma during her stay. The boutique-style hotel is so proud of this connection that one of Austen’s quotes can be found today displayed on the wall of its Emlyn’s Restaurant.

Where does Box Hill hike start?

The start point: Box Hill Visitors Centre The hike starts and finishes from the Box Hill Visitors Centre. At the Visitors Centre there is a kiosk where you can buy snacks and drinks for your hike. There’s also a water refilling station and toilets here too – I recommend going before you head off.

Is Box Hill hard?

Box hill vital statistics The climb itself is far from the hardest in the Surrey Hills – with Leith Hill and others nearby offering a more severe incline. However, it still represents a sizeable challenge – making it an achievable but still testing target for most riders.

Why is it called Box Hill?

The postmaster, Silas Padgham proposed the name, derived from Box Hill, Surrey, England, near his birthplace. In 1871, Box Hill township’s population was 154 and the district relied on orchards, vineyards and mixed farming.

What is the population of Box Hill?

The 2021 Estimated Resident Population for Box Hill is 13,275, with a population density of 3,772 persons per square km.