How fast is Dodge Ram SRT-10?

How fast is Dodge Ram SRT-10?

154 MPH
The Dodge Ram SRT-10 broke 154 MPH when driven by NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan.

How much does a Ram SRT-10 cost?

About the Dodge Ram SRT-10

Truck Original MSRP/Price Horsepower
Ram SRT-10 2dr Reg Cab 120.5′ WB $47605 / $41935 500
Ram SRT-10 4dr Quad Cab 140.5′ WB $51810 / $45602 500

How much horsepower does a Ram SRT-10 have?

Dodge Ram SRT-10 Engine and Performance With 500 horsepower and 525 lb-ft of torque, the pushrod 8.3L V10 engine is an amazing motor, even by today’s standards. Power is sent to the rear wheels only, pushing the truck from 0-60 mph in around 4.9 seconds.

Why was the Dodge Ram SRT-10 discontinued?

Due to increasing preference for all-terrain rigs, the SRT-10 was discontinued after three years with a little over 10,000 units produced. As fate would have it, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also pulled the plug on the Viper in 2017 after 26 years of production at the New Mack and Conner Avenue plants in Detroit.

How fast is a Viper truck?

Oh, how we miss the Viper-powered pickup truck. The regular cab version could hit 60 miles per hour from a standstill in 4.9 seconds and was able to hit a top speed of 154 mph. Those staggering numbers came courtesy of the Viper’s 8.3-liter V10 engine that sent 500 horsepower to the truck’s rear wheels.

Is there a viper truck?

The mid-2000s was a wild time in the pickup market.

How fast is the Viper truck?

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Engine 8.4-liter normally-aspirated V-10
Horsepower 645 HP
Torque 600 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph 3.5 seconds
Top Speed 206 mph

Is a SRT-10 a supercar?

The Dodge Viper SRT10 is Dodge’s flagship supercar model. It is a two-door, two-seat vehicle based on the Dodge Viper. The Viper SRT10 originated in 2003 as a roadster boasting an 8.3 liter V10 producing a staggering 500 HP.

Is the Ram TRX faster than the SRT-10?

Dodge also noted the truck was quick off the line as it could accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in the “low five-second range.” While the TRX can hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 4.5 seconds, the SRT-10 was equipped with a six-speed manual featuring a Hurst shifter.

What Ram truck has the most horsepower?

Ram 1500 TRX
No. The Ram 1500 TRX is far and away the most powerful truck on the market today – or any other day, for that matter. The 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8 that powers the 2021 TRX produces 702 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, and makes the Ram the most powerful and fastest mass-produced truck in the world.

Why are Dodge Vipers so fast?

It’s powered by an 8.4-liter V10 engine that produces 645 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual is the only transmission available. These specs help the Viper reach speeds of around 206 MPH whilst having a 0-60 MPH time of 3.4 seconds.

What is a SRT-10 RAM?

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 is a sport pickup truck that was produced by American automaker Dodge in limited numbers. It was introduced at the January 2002 North American International Auto Show, but was not put into production until 2004. Dodge Ram SRT-10. Overview. Manufacturer.

Is the Dodge Viper street legal?

Do keep in mind that the Viper ACR is a race car made road legal. Although it’s still equipped with some amenities like air-con or carpeting, it is still a hard-to-tame beast, far from anything suitable for daily shopping or highway cruising.

Is Dodge making a new Viper?

Unfortunately, the Dodge Viper has been discontinued and is no longer in production. WHEN DID THE DODGE VIPER GO OUT OF PRODUCTION? The Dodge Viper was discontinued in 2017.

What Ram truck has 700 horsepower?

2021 Ram TRX
The 2021 Ram TRX Is an Insane 700-Horsepower, $90,000 Hellcat Pickup Truck.

What is the fastest 0-60 truck?

Arguably the craziest production street truck ever built, the Viper-powered Ram SRT-10 easily makes the list with a 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds and a 13.2-second quarter mile. Powering this special Ram is a huge 8.3-liter V-10 that pumps out 500 hp and 525 lb-ft of torque.