How do you use the Power Commander 3 buttons?

How do you use the Power Commander 3 buttons?

To adjust the buttons on your Power Commander III, follow the instructions below: With the ignition off, hold down all three buttons on the Power Commander III unit. While still holding down the buttons, turn on the ignition and start the bike. Release the buttons.

How do you reset a Dynojet Power Commander 3?

To reset the throttle position click on “Power Commander Tools” and then select “Set Throttle Position. To reset both the closed and open throttle positions, first make sure that the bike is communicating to the computer, then click on “Reset”. Twist the throttle wide open and release. Now click OK.

How do you adjust the idle on a Power Commander 3?

All you need to do is press “reset” while the bike running at idle then turn the throttle wide open till you hit the mechanical stop. Then let go and press “Ok”. You don’t have to rev the bike out, the throttle just needs to go all the way to wide open quickly and then back.

Does a Power Commander increase top speed?

The Power Commander is a tuning tool to adjust fuel, and on some models ignition timing. Just adding a Power Commander to a completely stock vehicle usually does not increase peak horsepower. It usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Can you adjust idle with Power Commander?

Also, there is no way to adjust idle with the power commander. There is a 0% setting for idle on the power commander. It will not adjust your idle, just sync the PC to it.

Does Power Commander adjust timing?

Your Power Commander has optimized your fuel ratio for better performance, now update your spark advance curve with our Ignition Module. This easy to install device can change timing in each individual cylinder and is one more way that you can get your vehicle to push the limit.

Can a Power Commander hurt a motorcycle?

Registered. Power Commanders do not harm your bike. They don’t “trick” the OEM ECU. It is nothing more than a piggyback ECU.

How much HP will a Power Commander add?

How do you connect Power Commander to battery?

Connect to the battery The power commander has one black 12v connector, which goes onto the black negative battery terminal. Then, for a four-cylinder bike like this Hayabusa, there are four pairs of male and female injector connectors, which ‘tap in’ between the bike’s stock wiring harness and the injectors.

Does Power Commander have an app?

Extending the flexibility of Dynojet’s latest tuning software, C3 Mobile allows you to communicate and adjust your installed Power Commander V. Available free on Google Play. Features include: • Download and Send maps.

What does the Dynojet Power Commander 3 do?

The Power Commander 3 USB provides precise information for fine-tuning fuel-injected motorcycle with upgraded air filters, aftermarket exhaust systems or engine modifications. Each unit includes a built-in microprocessor and a base map designed to improve engine performance over stock.