How do you say happy 40th birthday funny?

How do you say happy 40th birthday funny?

Funny 40th Birthday Quotes to Laugh Away the Pain

  1. They say 40 is the new 30.
  2. Let’s drink some Red, Red Wine.
  3. I regret to inform you, but your 30s have expired.
  4. May the 40s be with you.
  5. You’re 40!
  6. Congrats on turning 20 for the second time.
  7. Damn you make 40 look good!
  8. Let’s grab a cold one for the old one!

What to say to a friend turning 40?

You’ve always lived with so much heart, and I hope this decade is no different. Happy 40th Birthday! #117 Wishing a day filled with joy, friendship, fun, and fantastic memories as you turn 40. Happy birthday to a wonderful soul!

What do you write on a 40th card?

Here’s 22 Card Message Ideas

  1. 40 & Fab: “You Make 40 Look Fabulous.” No matter what your age, being told you look fab is always humbly accepted.
  2. Dog Years: “Happy 280th Birthday!
  3. When That Old Ass Still Drives You Wild: “Your hot, sexy birthday ass drives me nuts in the best way possible!

What do you say to your best friend on her 40th birthday?

I hope you enjoy this particularly special birthday of yours and look forward to many great years ahead! Happy 40th birthday! Happy birthday to you today! You’ve finally made it to 40, and all I can say is that a very special milestone deserves a very special birthday full of celebration!

What do you say to a woman on her 40th birthday?

“A birthday is a day to celebrate your achievements, your accomplishments, and your future.” “Don’t worry, I’ll still tell people you’re 39.” “Let this birthday bring peace to your soul and happiness to your heart.” “The candles on your cake remind me of the encouraging light you shine on all those around you.”

Why is 40th birthday a milestone?

When someone within your family or circle of friends reaches their 40th birthday, it signifies a real landmark in their lives. Back in times gone by, being 40 was considered old. Life was tough then, and many people succumbed to disease and poverty way before their 40th birthday.

What to write to a woman turning 40?

Congratulations on your 40th birthday. Wishing you a truly fabulous day. Many happy returns on your 40th birthday. Warmest wishes for a very happy 40th birthday.

What is a unique way to wish someone a happy birthday?

Try these unique messages to share the love on someone’s birthday.

  • Eat, drink, and be happy on your special day!
  • Like wine, you get better with age!
  • I’m thinking of you on your birthday!
  • Have the happiest of birthdays!
  • From all of us, we hope your birthday is full of joy and excitement.

What is 40 year birthday called?

The official name for a 40th anniversary is a Ruby Jubilee. a birthday is the anniversary of your birth, so if you wanted to call your 40th birthday a ruby jubilee, go for it!

What is turning 40 called?

What does 40th birthday symbolize?

Why do they say that life begins at 40?

The phrase life begins at 40 means that when one reaches the age of forty, life becomes better, maybe because one has the skills, experiences, and means necessary for an enjoyable life.

What is the symbol for 40th birthday?

What is a 40th birthday called? The official name for a 40th anniversary is a Ruby Jubilee. a birthday is the anniversary of your birth, so if you wanted to call your 40th birthday a ruby jubilee, go for it!

Why is turning 40 a big deal?

One of the most enduring things about women and aging is that turning 40 seems like a Big Deal. And it is — but not because you’re “getting old.” It’s a big deal because you’ve successfully made it this far, and have a lot of life experience worth celebrating.

Who said life begins at 40?

Walter B. Pitkin
The phrase has become popular thanks to the American philosopher, Walter B. Pitkin, who published a self-help book in 1932 entitled “Life Begins at Forty”.

What is the saying for age 40?

“Be wise with speed; a fool at forty is a fool indeed.” “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty is the youth of old age.” “This wine is forty years old.