How do you get the Vindicator of the class in Aqw 2021?

How do you get the Vindicator of the class in Aqw 2021?

Vindicator Of They Class!

  1. This class will only be available for a limited amount of time!
  2. You Might Be Even More Awesome in this class!
  3. The Class can be purchased from Itzachi in Battleon for 2,000 ACs or by merging 90 Tokens of Vindication at the Token Shop in the /collection map.

Can you trade in AQWorlds?

We are sorry, but we cannot transfer anything between accounts or have trading in-game. Please make sure you are playing on the correct account when leveling up, purchasing an upgrade or earning AdventureCoins via AExtras. AQWorlds will not have trading between players put in game in any foreseeable future.

How do I change my AQWorlds name?

How to Change Your Name in AQWorlds

  1. Log into the Account Manager and choose Change Username.
  2. Pick your new username.
  3. The name you choose has to be one that is currently available.
  4. Starting next week, there will be a 3 letter minimum for names.
  5. Names are available on a first come, first serve basis.

How much is membership in Aqw?

Here are the Membership Packages we offer: $57.95 – 12 Month Membership Plus 7000 AdventureCoins. $44.95 – 6 Month Membership Plus 7500 AdventureCoins. $39.95 – 6 Month Membership Plus 2500 AdventureCoins.

How can I make Aqw run smoother?

Right click on the AQW Screen. In the box that appears, click Settings. On the first tab of Settings screen, uncheck the box for Enable Hardware Acceleration. On the third tab of the Settings screen, slide the bar over to the right to allow unlimited storage of AQW files on your computer.

Where is Shadowscythe general?

How to Get the Class

  • Talking to Gravelyn in Battleontown to find the Class for 2,000 ACs or.
  • Collect merge items from the daily quest to create the Class or.
  • Farm the war boss for a 3% drop to get the merge items to create the class.

When was Aqw created?

June 2, 2008AdventureQuest Worlds / Initial release date

How do I change my gender on AQ3D?

How can I change my gender in AQ3D?

  1. Please go to and login to your account.
  2. Click the Change Gender button under ‘Character. ‘
  3. Confirm that you would like to change your gender for 500 Dragon Crystals.
  4. Make sure you are certain you would like to change your gender as it cannot be refunded.