How do you get the alternate ending in Metro 2033?

How do you get the alternate ending in Metro 2033?

The kid who asks to lead you to Bourbon after you leave the bar can use a bullet. Doing this, and the two steps above will unlock the Generous achievement and set you on a solid path to get the Alternate Ending – unless you deliberately sabotage it for the purposes of nuke-warmed lulz.

How do you get the enlightened ending in Metro 2033?

To receive this ending, the player must acquire enough positive moral points for Artyom to awaken from his dream sequence in time to stop the missiles from destroying the Dark Ones “city” (nest) at Botanicheskiy Sad.

Which ending is canon in Metro 2033?

Yes, the ending where you destroy the Dark Ones is the canon ending of Metro 2033.

What happens if you save Pavel?

Artyom is given the choice to either save Pavel from the damned souls or leave him to his fate. If Pavel is saved, Artyom places a filter on Pavel’s mask, and he will gain positive moral points. The watching Dark One comments that it now knows forgiveness, and that Pavel will live. If Pavel is abandoned, he will die.

Did any dark ones survive?

Though seemingly destroyed, the Dark Ones return in Metro: Last Light in more ways than one, primarily as the Baby Dark One, the sole survivor of the D6 missile strike. As a target of the Rangers, the Baby Dark One was to be killed by Artyom and Anna. It manages to escape, yet only to be captured by Nazis.

How many endings does Metro 2033 have?

two Endings
There are two Endings for Metro 2033, two endings for Metro Last Light, and two endings for Metro Exodus, both based on the moral choices that the player makes throughout the game.

Did Bourbon survive Metro?

In the Metro 2033 Novel It had no relation to bandits or hostile humans, but occured through a supernatural phenomenon that is never explained. Moments before his death, Bourbon starts a speech with “I am dead”. He then became weaker, and finally collapsed and died, leaving Artyom alone to be rescued by Khan.

How did Artyom survive d6?

Artyom drives to the train tracks and is rescued by the other Rangers, who keep him alive through blood transfusions.

Is bourbon alive metro?

Who is Eugene in metro?

In the original Metro 2033 he is named Zhenya (Женя), which is a shorter form of Eugene/Evgeny, and is an old childhood friend with Artyom.

Why can Artyom talk to the dark ones?

Through their brief psychic contact, Artyom is rendered immune to the Dark Ones – who in turn, accept and “adopt” him to be the chosen – the bridge between the two races.

Why is Artyom special?

Artyom is important in the book because he is noticed by Hunter, a really strong fighter and the first man to witness the threat posed by the Dark Ones. Artyom survived the Dark Ones, so he turns to be only one capable to warn all stations of a potential annihilation.

How do you save Alyosha?

Alyosha only gets wounded if you attack the Children of the Forest. In order to save him, and have him stay on your crew, you’ll need to avoid killing any Children of The Forest.

Will there be a Metro 2036?

METRO 2036 BY DMTRY GLUKHOVSKY The novel takes place in the Moscow Metro in 2036 and is exact continuation of book metro 2035. The main character, twenty-seven-year-old Artyom from the VDNKh station, must go through the entire Moscow metro to save his only home – and all of humanity.

What killed bourbon?

How old is Artyom in Metro exodus?

Metro Exodus He is now 26 or 27 years old; after the events of Metro: Last Light and Metro 2035, he leaves the Moscow Metro with his wife Anna and several Spartan Rangers (including Stepan from Metro 2035).

What happened to Hunter in Metro?

Hunter’s fate is currently unclear in the continuity of the video games. He may have been killed, or he may have been taken by the Dark Ones as he is seen by Artyom during the Dark One’s mind game in “Ethereal”. However, this is only speculation. In Metro: Last Light, Khan mentions that Hunter is M.I.A.