How do you catch the 40 thieves on Poptropica?

How do you catch the 40 thieves on Poptropica?

Go to the Bazaar, run left, and move to the next scene until you reach the palace. There are guards there, so jump on the window sills until you’re to the right of the palace’s door. The guards will start talking about the 40 thieves.

Where is the falcon in Poptropica?

Now playing as Horus the falcon, you can fly around the desert to explore what’s out there. However, what you’re really looking for is just southeast of the village. At this middle-of-nowhere location, you’ll find a Stack of Receipts inside the truck. Once you’ve got it, you’ll head back.

How do you get the Viper SKin on Poptropica?

The Viper’s SKin is in this scene. Go back to the area where you first come in from the coin counter’s scene. Jump up the ladder, run all the way to the left, but this time, when you go down the ladder, only go down a couple of rungs. The Viper’s Skin is in a cell.

What do I do with the camel in Poptropica?

The camel doesn’t like to go too quickly, so don’t rush, but drag him along into the desert area. Once there, click on the platform to put the camel on it. Now, return to the bazaar and get to the top of the tower. Don’t get too far away from the camel, or he won’t budge!

Where is the Viper skin in Poptropica?

The Viper’s Skin is in a cell. Go back to the coin counter’s scene. The quicksilver is on the platform to the right of the altar. You can jump on the statue’s head to get to the platform easier.

How do I get flambe to drop the mixer?

You must turn on the fan and mix the potatoes, causing them to land on Florian Fosbury, who gets mad and starts throwing food everywhere. Flambe will run out to stop Florian, but get knocked back and drop his mixer. You can then run out and pick it up, and Flambe will let you keep it.

How do you color the dummy head on Poptropica?

If you click on it, you can use the sharpened spoon to chisel yourself an unpainted Dummy Head. When you’re done with that, go back to your cell and call it a night. The next morning, return to Van Nostrand, and in exchange for 5 sticks of gum, he/she will paint the dummy head in your likeness.

How do you get the backpack in Poptropica Survival Island?

Click on the axe sticking out of the stump. Your mittens will give you a grip on the Axe Handle and you’ll be able to pull it out. Next, climb the trees until you find a green parachute backpack hanging on a branch that’s slightly out of reach. Jump up and pull the backpack handle down.

Why can’t I find Amelia’s cargo in Poptropica?

Make your way to Survival Island and head right to the second scene. There, you’ll find a box overstuffed with unicorn goodies on one of the snowcapped rock ledges. Take the Lost Cargo and return to Amelia’s!

How do you get free range eggs on Poptropica?

You must get the eggs on three separate days. When you enter the yard, ask Patches to feed the birds. The bird that flies down to eat will leave an egg behind in its nest. You have a short time to make your way to the nest and get the egg.

Where is the secret cargo in Poptropica?