How do I use the speakerphone on my Cisco IP phone 7911?

How do I use the speakerphone on my Cisco IP phone 7911?

At the moment the only way they can use the speaker phone is to answer the phone by picking up the handset and then pressing the monitor button which will put the phone in speaker mode once they place the handset back on the phone receiver.

How do you transfer a call on a Cisco IP phone 7911?

Highlight the call, and press . Press more softkey, press CFwdAll, enter the 4-digit extension or press the Msgs softkey to forward to voicemail. Note: Do not forward the phone to voicemail by forwarding to x5000, it will not work correctly. Press Transfer, dial the number, then press Transfer again.

How do I mute my Cisco IP phone 7911?

While on a call, you can mute the handset which prevents the party to whom you are speaking from hearing. Press Monitor softkey. To disengage mute • Press MonOff button again.

How do I set up an outgoing call on my Cisco phone?

To place a call to an outside number:

  1. Lift handset and dial 9 and then 1 and then the number with the area code.
  2. Lift the handset.
  3. Press the Speaker button.
  4. If you’re using a headset press the Headset button.
  5. If you are using a headset, press the Headset or EndCall button.
  6. Lift the headset, press the Redial button.

How do I turn off speakerphone on Cisco IP phone?

Step 1 From Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, select Device > Phone. Step 2 Select the phone you want to modify. Step 3 In the Phone Configuration window for the phone, check the Disable Speakerphone check box. Step 4 Select Save.

What is the soft key on a Cisco phone?

A Programmable Softkey (PSK) is a feature that allows a user to customize the softkeys displayed on the phone. Softkeys can be added, repositioned, and removed according to the current device state. A speed dial can also be added to supported softkey lists by using the extended function string.

How do I unmute my Cisco IP phone?

To mute the phone microphone, speaker, or headset microphone, press the Mute button on the phone. The button will illuminate red. Press the Mute button again to unmute.

How do you use a Cisco phone headset?

When the Headset button is lit, Cisco IP Communicator operates in headset mode. Switch to a headset during a call Click the Headset button or enter the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + H. If you were using a USB handset before switching, you can turn it off or hang it up.

How do I use my Cisco landline phone?

  1. Procedure.
  2. Step 1 Verify that you are on an active call (not on hold).
  3. Step 2 Press and release the hookswitch to get a dial tone.
  4. Step 3 Enter the transfer recipient’s phone number.
  5. Step 4 Wait for the recipient to answer. You may skip to Step 5 while the call is ringing.
  6. Step 5 Hang up. The transfer is complete.

What does a soft key look like?

The soft keys are the round buttons located below the display. There are 8 keys at the top of the phone. The top 4 keys will activate the feature that they point to in the display.

How do I setup my headset on my Cisco IP Phone?

Cisco IP Communicator: How to Set Up Headset Audio

  1. Click the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the phone, and then click Audio Tuning Wizard.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Click the Handset drop-down list, and then select your Plantronics device.
  4. Select the desired devices from the Headset, Speakerphone, and Ringer drop-down lists.

What is the soft key on a Cisco IP phone?

What is a Cisco phone soft key?

Soft keys are a feature of modern voice over ip phones. They provide a way to customize the phone’s user interface depending on the context as well as your your personal preferences.

How do I make my Cisco phone louder?

Press Volume up and down to adjust the volume while you are on a call. If your phone ringer is too loud or too soft when you get an incoming call, you can change the ringer volume.

How do I connect my headset to IP Communicator?