How do I load a mol point?

How do I load a mol point?

Just like with Paypal, you’re going to need to login to your MOL account in the official website, reload through your My Member Page, and login to your Skrill account through their portal. Just like with PayPal, you have the option to pay through your account balance or credit card.

What is zGold MOLPoints?

Get more back on every dollar you spend and enjoy exclusive gaming deals with us. Be rewarded with Razer Silver, the loyalty rewards program just for you. Upgrade your MOL account to continue enjoying our services with the new Razer Gold.

What is mol wallet?

MOLPay is an online wallet for purchasing non-virtual goods like products and services from online enterprises. MOLCards is a prepaid card sold at MOL distribution channels. It is used to top up MOLPoints.

How do I use MOL point Steam Wallet?

  1. Go to Molpoint – log in.
  2. at right..button at search box .. type Steam wallet code (MY)
  3. Buy your code – 15 digit will appear.
  4. Go to Steam – account detail – add fund.
  5. Choose redeem steam wallet code.
  6. for fist time user.. it will ask some detail. insert your 15 digit from Molpoint.
  7. Sucess…

How do I convert Razer gold to cash?

How to redeem your Razer Gold PIN

  1. Visit and sign into your Razer Gold account.
  2. Click on [Reload Now] and select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method.
  3. Input the PIN and click Next.
  4. Complete the 2-step authentication.
  5. Start spending your Razer Gold and earn Razer Silver.

Can I use Razer Gold to buy Valorant points?

Click on the VALORANT icon located to the right of the Store tab. Select ‘Prepaid Cards & Codes,’ and input the code provided by Razer Gold. Press ‘Submit.

What is MOL point?

MOLPoints is an online micropayment system that enables consumers nationwide to purchase products and services through the MOL portal or portals of its partners. Pay for purchases at over 540,000 channels across more than 75 countries worldwide without the use of a credit card!

How do I convert Razer Gold to cash?

How do you load Steam Wallet?

Add funds via Steam:

  1. Log in to your Steam account.
  2. Click your profile name in the upper right hand corner and select Account Details.
  3. Click on “+Add funds to your Steam Wallet” to select an amount and proceed to checkout.

Does Philippines use Steam card?

Steam Wallet codes work the same way as mobile phone cards or prepaid game cards. You can purchase a code through retail outlets in the Philippines like Data Blitz, the Secret Shop, and eClubstore.

Can we transfer Razer Gold to bank account?

No, it is not possible to transfer Razer Gold or Razer Silver balances between wallets.

Can Razer Gold expired?

Does Razer Gold expire? Bonus Razer Gold obtained from promotions and contests will expire within 30 days from date of issue. You may check your expiring balances in your Account Summary. Whenever you purchase content from our partners, your bonus Razer Gold will always be utilized first.

How much is 1000 Valorant Points Philippines?

Valorant Points Pricing in the Philippines

Valorant Points Price (PHP)
750 300
1525 600
2600 1000
5250 2000

Do LOL cards work for VALORANT?

Both the newly released Riot Games prepaid gift card and the existing League of Legends card can be redeemed for VALORANT points. Look out for these multi-game prepaid cards in local retail stores across Europe as well as online.

Does Steam accept smart?

Yes, as long as you have enough credit on your postpaid account and as long as it is active.

Does Philippine have Steam wallet card?

You can buy Steam Wallet codes in the Philippines using your Wallet. It’s fast and easy! You can even send Steam Gift Codes to your friends. Just enter your friend’s mobile number instead of yours so they can receive the Steam Wallet Code.

Can I use GCash for Steam?

GCash makes it easy to buy games on Steam, which is great news for those who don’t have credit cards or PayPal. The next time you want to add funds to your Steam wallet, keep in mind that you can easily purchase game credits using your GCash account.

How can I buy Steam Wallet using smart load?

How to Buy Steam Wallet Codes Using Globe or Smart Load

  1. Visit, then choose your desired amount.
  2. Go to your Steam account and click on “Add a game” which is located at the bottom right of the screen, then “Activate a Product” on Steam.

Can I buy BTC with Razer Gold?

Razer Gold is the most popular cross-platform in game currency for purchasing upgrades and in-game items, skins, and more. With Bitreill’s Razer Gold gift card, you can now purchase Razer Gold with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, dogecoin, and Litecoin.

Why can’t I reload my Razer Gold?

Your reload may be declined if suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected. We recommend that you: check your billing information. try reloading at a later time, or.