How do I know my Ray-Ban size?

How do I know my Ray-Ban size?

Most of Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses have the size measurement printed on the inside of the left temple. Usually, this consists of three numbers (though sometimes only the first two are printed) similar to this: 50 20 150.

What is standard size Ray-Ban?

50mm is the standard fit and will fit most adults perfectly. 54mm is the largest size available. A New Wayfarer comes in three sizes. 52mm, 55mm, 58mm.

What size is 51 in Ray Bans?

Clubmaster Size Comparison Chart

Frame & Clubmaster Size SportRx Frame Width Lens Width
RB3016 Clubmaster 49 Eyesize 133 49
RB3016 Clubmaster 51 Eyesize 137 51
RB3016F Clubmaster 55 Eyesize 143 55
RB4175 Clubmaster Oversized 138 57

What size is medium in Ray Bans?

58MM: The 58mm is considered a medium size lens. 62MM: The 62mm is considered a large lens but I would also place it in the X-Large category as well.

Should I get small or standard Ray Bans?

Important note: for the great majority of people, more then 90% of our customers, Standard Size is the correct one. It’s very likely it’s going to be the correct size for you too. If this is your first pair of Ray-Ban, a rule of thumb to determine the correct size for you is the following.

What does 51mm mean in glasses?

The first two numbers represent the width of the lens (51 means a lens width of 51 mm.) The second two numbers are the distance be- tween the bridge, the area between the two lenses that arches over the nose (17 means a DBL of 17 mm.) The last four numbers of the order number (3011) are the color.

What does 58mm mean for sunglasses?

When the sunglass size is indicated as “58mm”, this refers to the width of one of the lenses in the sunglasses. Above you see an image and the size “58mm” is measurement “A”, or the width of one of the lenses at it’s widest point.

Should I get standard or large Ray Bans?

If the edge of the card is beyond the end of the eye, prefer a small mount. If the edge of the card ends at the end of the eye, go for the medium size. If the edge of the card does not reach the end of the eye, choose a large size.

How do you know what size glasses to get?

All glasses frames have information printed on them about various frame measurements. You can usually find these measurements on the inside of the arms, or you might find your glasses have these values printed on the back of the bridge or the inside of the nose piece.

Which Ray Bans are best for small faces?

Best Ray-Bans for Small Faces

  • RB2132 New Wayfarer.
  • RB2185 Wayfarer II.
  • RB3362 Cockpit.
  • RB3136 Caravan.
  • RB3447 Round Metal.
  • RB3548N Hexagonal.
  • RB3016 Clubmaster.

What is the effective diameter of a 54mm round lens?

Using this example, the green line measures 27mm. As mentioned above, we just need to multiply 27mm by 2 which gives us the correct ED of 54mm. Using this method will always give you the most accurate ED which allows us, your optical lab, to make the most accurate lenses possible for your patients.

How do I know what size glasses I need?

How do I read my glasses size?

If you look on the inside of your glasses, you’ll find a number that looks like: 52 18 135. This information shows you the size of your glasses: the lens diameter, the bridge width and the side length — all measured in millimetres. The length of the side is usually one of three standards — 135, 140 or 145mm.