How do I kill Narfi without getting a bounty?

How do I kill Narfi without getting a bounty?

To kill him in a convenient manner, without getting caught, wait for him to retire to his shack, which is usually after 5 P.M – 5 A.M.

How do you kill in Skyrim without being detected?

Also, if you attack guards in town, as long as the guards cannot identify you, it doesn’t add to your bounty. So you can shoot them with arrow from very far, or use spells like fireball, and kill them from a long distance, and there’s good chance that you won’t have bounty on you.

How do you kill ma Randru Jo without getting caught?

Killing Ma’randru-jo In Morthal, it is possible to sneak across the low ridges across from the camp and use a silent ranged attack to eliminate him without being seen. In Solitude, hiding by the small hill behind the camp allows him to be poisoned when he goes to sleep.

How do you kill Beitild without being detected?


  1. Kill her directly.
  2. Claim to be from the Dark Brotherhood.
  3. Wait until night, then break into her house and kill her there, where there are no witnesses.
  4. With high Sneak, jump onto the roof of a building and use a bow to snipe her in one hit without the guards seeing it.

Can I join the Dark Brotherhood and then destroy it?

You cannot. You’re only chance, as stated above, is during “With Friends Like These…,” in which you must first kill Astrid. So I too regretted joining the Dark Brotherhood and would’ve much more wanted to destroy them.

Who ordered the hit on Narfi?

Contract: Kill Narfi is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the Dragonborn is tasked by Nazir to assassinate Narfi, a beggar in the town of Ivarstead.

How do you beat Anton Virane without bounty?

With no witnesses left, it will be much easier to kill Anton in the kitchen without waiting. Hiding and casting Frenzy or Fury on him will cause him to attack everyone in the room. He can then be killed without a bounty. With the Pickpocket perk Poisoned, it is possible to slip some poison in his pocket.

Can I kill agnis Skyrim?

Agnis, however, will stay in the fort, making it easy to enter her room while she’s sleeping and kill her with a silent arrow. Agnis may, at certain times, be located in a small room far from anyone else, making killing her easier.

How do you trigger the Dark Brotherhood?

Speaking with Aventus Aretino in his parent’s home in Windhelm initiates the quest “Innocence Lost” and starts the Dark Brotherhood questline. After accepting Aretino’s proposal, the Dragonborn is directed to visit Honorhall Orphanage. After killing Grelod, the children will cheer and celebrate her death.

Is it possible to kill Beitild without getting a bounty?

The easiest solution actually is just to tell her that you are there to slay her. She will then scream something like “Come and get me!” and attack you. After that you can slay her without getting bothered by the guards.

Can you marry Beitild in Skyrim?

Beitild is a Nord miner who owns Iron-Breaker Mine in Dawnstar. She is married to Leigelf, owner of Quicksilver Mine, though their feud has caused them to live in separate houses….Kill Beitild[edit]

Topic Dialogue Response
(Remain Silent) “I’ve a mine to run, so if you’ll excuse me…” Walks away

Can you get rid of Maven Black Briar?

As per the comments, Maven Black-Briar is an “essential” character, meaning there is no way (outside of console commands) to kill her off. She plays a part in several other quest-lines, namely the Thieves-Guild and the Dark Brotherhood, aligning herself with the “darker” side of Skyrim.

Can you join Dark Brotherhood without talking to Aventus?

The answer is; yes. After all, the quest to join the Dark Brotherhood is Innocence Lost which only begins when you speak to Aventus – it cannot begin before this point.

What should you say to Narfi?

You live among the clouds now, dear Reyda!”, “I miss Reyda. She was so nice to Narfi.”, and “Narfi’s sad he can’t be with Reyda.” When you talk to him, he may say: “I can’t see you, Reyda!…Skyrim:Narfi.

Topic Dialogue
“Beg! Beg for your miserable life!” “No! Oh, by the gods, please no!”

Does Narfi have a quest?

What happens if I kill agnis?

If you approach Agnis before you kill her, you will receive three dialogue options; you will only be able to choose one as you can not initiate conversation with her again. Note that none of these dialogue options will cause her to become hostile.