How do I get a ham radio license in California?

How do I get a ham radio license in California?

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  1. Find a Class. Find a license class offered in your local area.
  2. Take Practice Exams.
  3. Find a Test Location.
  4. FCC License Info and Forms.
  5. Question Pools.
  6. Resources for the Disabled.

Do you need a ham radio license in California?

In order to operate amateur radio, you need a license. Just like driving a car, using the public airwaves is a legally-regulated privilege. U.S. licenses are good for ten years before renewal. There are three license classes — Technician, General and Extra.

What happens if you use a ham radio without a license?

Federal law generally prohibits radio broadcasts without a license issued by the FCC. Anyone found operating a radio station without FCC authorization can be subject to a variety of enforcement actions, including seizure of equipment, fines and other civil and criminal penalties.

How difficult is the amateur Extra?

The Ham Radio Extra class exam is the hardest of the 3 main exams, which also include Technician and General. It contains 50 questions, covering advanced operational and equipment topics. But don’t worry, as explained, even people with no experience have passed the exam with a near perfect score.

Can a ham radio talk to a CB radio?

Can a Ham Radio Talk to a CB Radio? The short and quick answer to whether you can talk to CB radio with your ham radio is: Yes, you can. CB radios operate in the HF range on the 11m band. Ham radios can communicate in the HF range on the 10m and 12m band, both of which are pretty close to the citizen’s band.

How much does a good ham radio cost?

Depending on the options you select, it costs around $1000. If that’s too much for your budget, you could buy a less feature-rich, used HF radio at local hamfest for around $200. To operate HF you’re also going to need some kind of antenna.

How far can I talk on 2 meters?

As a reliable means of direct communication, you can not expect to talk from east coast to west coast on the 2m band without using repeaters. VHF is not practical for use at distances like that, which would be in the range of 2000–3000 miles beyond the horizon.