How do I contact Powys County Council?

How do I contact Powys County Council?


  1. Email: [email protected].
  2. Phone: 01597 826000.
  3. Post: Customer Services, The Gwalia, Ithon Road, Llandrindod Wells LD1 6AA.

Who is the leader of Powys County Council?

Cllr James Gibson-Watt
Powys County Council has a new Leader and Chairman of Council. Cllr James Gibson-Watt, who represents the Glasbury ward, was elected as Executive Leader at the council’s annual general meeting today (Thursday, May 26).

What council is Powys?

Powys County Council (Welsh: Cyngor Sir Powys) is the local authority for Powys, one of the administrative areas of Wales. The County Hall is in Llandrindod Wells.

What county is Powys in?

Powys, county of east-central Wales, bordering England. Powys is by far the largest county in Wales.

What local authority is Brecon in?

Cyngor Sir Powys County Council.

Which local authority is Brecon in?

What area does Powys County Council cover?

Powys covers the historic counties of Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire, most of Brecknockshire (Breconshire), and part of Historic Denbighshire. With an area of about 2,000 square miles (5,200 km2), it is the largest principal area in Wales by land and area.

What county is Brecon in?

Powys county
Brecon, also called Brecknock, Welsh Aberhonddu, cathedral town, Powys county, historic county of Brecknockshire, southern Wales. It lies on the River Usk where it is joined by the Rivers Honddu and Tarell, in the northern portion of Brecon Beacons National Park.

What does Powis mean in Welsh?

Welsh (now mainly West Midlands of England): habitational name from the region of Powis in mid Wales (from Old Welsh powes ‘country dwellers’). Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press.

What is the largest town in Powys?

Founded as a market town at the end of the 13th century, Newtown is the largest town in Powys with a population of just 13,000. The town centre is a conservation area.

What county is Crickhowell?


Crickhowell Welsh: Crucywel
Principal area Powys
Ceremonial county Powys
Country Wales
Sovereign state United Kingdom

What does Brecon mean in Welsh?

(ˈbrɛkən ) or Brecknock (ˈbrɛknɒk ) 1. a town in SE Wales, in Powys: textile and leather industries.

When did breconshire become Powys?

1974-1996 Powys Most of Breconshire became part of the newly formed county of Powys although some communities in the south of the county became parts of the newly created counties of Mid Glamorgan, and Gwent.

Is Powys the largest county in Wales?

Powys is by far the largest county in Wales. It encompasses a rugged landscape of valleys and mountains, including most of Brecon Beacons National Park, and the entire historic counties of Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire, most of Brecknockshire, and the southern edge of Denbighshire.

What is Powys known for?

Is Crickhowell a town or village?

Crickhowell (/krɪkˈhaʊəl/; Welsh: Crucywel pronounced [krɨkːəu̯ɛl], non-standard spelling Crughywel) is a town and community in southeastern Powys, Wales, near Abergavenny, and is in the historic county of Brecknockshire.

Is Crickhowell a town?

The town of Crickhowell screams style and most people passing through, find its charms hard to resist and stop on their way. Nevertheless it’s a destination in itself and makes a brilliant base for exploring the southern Black Mountains and surrounding area. Where to walk in Crickhowell – find all our routes here.

Why are there no trees in the Brecon Beacons?

However it’s people down the millennia who have moulded the Beacons we know and love today. Firstly prehistoric people cleared much of the land of trees and scrub and left their mark in the stone circles, standing stones, burial chambers and hillforts scattered across the landscape.

What county is Powys?

Is Powys a nice place to live?

A Powys town has been named as one of the best places to live in Britain. That’s according to the Sunday TImes which has named 10 locations in Wales in its annual Best Places to Live in Britain guide.