How do I book an appointment at Koramangala passport office?

How do I book an appointment at Koramangala passport office?

Passport applicants visiting RPO, Koramangala, for enquiries should take prior appointment through and be there at the allotted time. Initially for one week, from August 14 to 18, both online and walk-in categories will be permitted.

How can I book RPO appointment in Bengaluru?

How to book online appointment to RPO Regional passport office for enquiry

  1. go to
  2. Click on Existing User Login.
  3. If you unable to login , reset the password .
  4. then click on the view save submitted application.
  5. check the application for that you want to book an appointment.

How can I get early slot for passport?

Passports can be now obtained under the Tatkaal Scheme without providing the Verification Certificate from a Gazetted Officer which was required earlier. The documents to be submitted for getting a passport under this Scheme has been notified vide G.S.R.

Can we go to PSK without appointment?

The balanced Tatkaal fee applicable should be payable in “Cash” at Passport Seva Kendra/ Passport Office, once application under ‘Tatkaal’ category is accepted. Applicants visit Passport Seva Kendra without appointment as Walk-in can pay in cash.

Can I get normal passport in 10 days?

You don’t need to wait for months to get his passport. Now you can get your passport in just 10 days. The only thing you need to receive your passport in 10 days is an Aadhaar card.

What is PSK and RPO in passport?

With the launch of this new scheme, applicants can now choose the Regional Passport Office (RPO) and thus the desired Passport Seva Kendra (PSK)/ Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK) under the RPO where they wish to submit their application irrespective of whether the present residential address specified in the …

What is RPO in passport India?

Applicants who wish to meet Regional Passport Officer (RPO) for appointment and passport (applicable only in case of medical/death emergency supported by documents) are requested to contact RPO directly.

What is tatkal passport?

A citizen who needs to travel abroad urgently can apply for a passport under the Tatkal scheme. Such an application ensures that the passport application is processed in a much faster manner. The passport is also issued much more speedily.

What is tatkal passport fees?

Sr. No. Service Required Additional Tatkaal Fee
3. Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport for Minors (below 18 years of Age), of 5 years validity or till the minor attains the age of 18 whichever is earlier (36 pages) Rs.2,000/-
4. Replacement of Passport (36 pages) in lieu of lost, damaged or stolen passport Rs.2,000/-

What ID is needed for passport?

Valid ID Social Security System (SSS) Card. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Card. Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) LTO Driver’s License.

Can I collect passport from RPO?

Q2: Can I personally collect my passport from the Regional Passport Office (RPO) once it is prepared? A: No, collection of passport is not allowed.

Can I choose any RPO for passport?

How long does it take for passport to arrive after police verification?

The Passport Office will dispatch the passport to you within three days after receiving a “Recommendatory” Police Verification Report (PVR) for normal applications from the concerned police station. However, this is not applicable for applications under the tatkal scheme.