How do I access ParentPay?

How do I access ParentPay?

You will need to enter in their name, an email address and select a password for the account (your email address will become your username). Read the ParentPay terms and conditions and click in the box to accept at the bottom of the page then click Activate account. A verification email will be sent to you.

How do I check my ParentPay balance?

The easiest way to identify the balance for an individual is to view the statement. You are able to view an individual statement for all accounts uploaded to your ParentPay site, this includes Pupils, Staff, Visitors or any other accounts you have created.

What is parent account ParentPay?

To allow for faster payments towards trips, school meals, clubs, and anything else schools may collect money for, ParentPay provides access to the Parent Account. You can add any amount of money into your Parent Account and use it to quickly check out and pay for items added to the ParentPay system by the school.

Does ParentPay have an app?

We can help you with much more than managing payments. Parental Engagement is key to raising achievement in schools. That’s why we’ve made it simple with our all-in-one parent app for schools.

How do I top up my ParentPay account?

Topping up your Parent Account:

  1. Navigate to and log in to your account.
  2. If you have a stored card(s) on your account you may select and pay with this card, entering only the.
  3. From your homepage.
  4. You will receive a success notification of your payment at the top of the screen.

Can both parents have a ParentPay account?

Recognising that families can change, ParentPay gives schools the ability to create secondary payer accounts for a child. Both/all parents/carers are then able to make payments for the child if they request to.

How do I activate my ParentPay account?

How To Activate

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Login at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter the username and password provided in your account activation letter and select Activate.
  4. Complete the activation as detailed on the screen.
  5. That’s it you’re done!

How do I transfer my money from ParentPay?

If you’ve got credit in your parent account, you’ll be able to withdraw the cash straightaway on the ParentPay website. You can do this by logging into your ParentPay account and choosing the ‘withdraw’ option on your parent account page – there’s full help on the ParentPay website.

Can you get ParentPay on Iphone?

Adding the ParentPay icon to any phone is quick and simple. The ParentPay site is device responsive which means it can be opened on any phone, tablet device and computer and sit perfectly within the screen allowing full functionality.

How do I pay for my school on ParentPay?

Parents can now book and pay securely online for a range of items using a debit/credit card or through PayPoint. Paying online gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your money reaches the school safely.

Can I transfer money from one child to another on ParentPay?

When paying for an item or service through ParentPay the money is settled to the providers bank account. It is therefore not possible to transfer funds directly from the parent application, as the bank account may be different from one service to another.

Can you have 2 ParentPay accounts?

Yes, for separated or blended families ParentPay gives you the option to set up secondary payer accounts. This allows pupils to have 2 or more payers on the ParentPay system. Each payer would have their own unique log in and would be able to make payments for any items or trip their child or children are assigned to.

How do I add ParentPay to my home screen?

On Android devices Tap the 3 dots at the top right of the screen. Tap Add to Home screen. Change the name if you wish and click Add. You now have the Parent Portal as an icon on your mobile device for quick access.

How long does it take to withdraw money from ParentPay?

Most withdrawals are processed immediately, however, funds can take up to 10 days to appear on your account.

Can you pay ParentPay with PayPal?

ParentMail’s Online Payments system is used to collect payments from millions of parents. PayPal is a popular choice for parents, as it allows users to make payments faster, safer and easier.

How do I pay for other items on ParentPay?

  1. To pay for school items you would need to – Navigate to and log into your account.
  2. You can select to View basket and pay or if you wish to pay for more items select Continue. Shopping.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to pay and select Add to Basket. Select View basket and pay or Continue Shopping.

How long do ParentPay withdrawals take?

Can you withdraw money from ParentPay?

Refunds to a Parent Account are free of charge. If a parent wishes to withdraw their money they need to log in to their account and select Parent Account. At the bottom of the screen they should select ‘Withdraw’.

How does my child use ParentPay?

What does Parent Pay involve? Pupils do not pay for school meals, trips, swimming lessons, music clubs, etc. with cash. ParentPay is an online system which allows parents to pay for these school items online using a credit and/or debit card or to pay cash at local stores through the PayPoint network.

How do I add a second parent to ParentPay?

Adding a new person to your existing ParentPay account To add a new person, or an existing person at a new location, to your account: Log in to your existing activated ParentPay Parent account. Either: On a mobile device select the menu icon from the top left of the page then select Add a child.