How did street names get their names?

How did street names get their names?

In the United States, most streets are named after numbers, landscapes, trees (a combination of trees and landscapes such as “Oakhill” is used often in residential areas), or the surname of an important individual (in some instances, it is just a commonly held surname such as Smith).

How did Woolston get its name?

Factory workers living nearby gave Woolston a strong working-class identity. It was a self-governing borough until 1921. Believed to have been named by Joseph H. Hopkins after his birthplace in England, either in Glouscestershire or Hampshire.

What was Christchurch originally called?

The Canterbury settlement Early in 1848 the Canterbury Association was formed, and it was decided to name the capital city Christchurch after the college John Godley had gone to at Oxford University. Part of the plan included the opportunity for the new settlers to buy land.

How did the city of Christchurch get its name?

The name was chosen on 27 March 1848 at the first meeting of the Canterbury Association on the suggestion of J.R. Godley, whose college at Oxford, England, was Christ Church.

How are road names chosen?

The main rules for naming streets are that addresses are clear, unambiguous and logical. A new street name should be different to anything already in use in the area and should not be difficult to pronounce or awkward to spell.

What does Woolston mean?

from the Middle English personal name Wol(f)stan, Old English Wulfstan, composed of the elements wulf ‘wolf’ + stan stone.

What is Woolston?

Woolston is a suburb of Southampton, Hampshire, located on the eastern bank of the River Itchen. It is bounded by the River Itchen, Sholing, Peartree Green, Itchen and Weston. Woolston. Shops on Bridge Road. Woolston.

What does Christchurch mean in Māori?

The Māori name for Christchurch is Otautahi, derived from a Ngāi Tahu Chief Tautahi from Koukourarata (Port Levy). He built his settlement on the banks of the Otakaro (Avon) river in the vicinity of the Avon loop, serving as a centre for political and economic activity.

Why is avonhead called avonhead?

Engineer William Bayley Bray (1812–1885) arrived in Canterbury in January 1851 on the Duke of Bronte and built a homestead at the head of the Avon River in an area with many springs, and he thus called it Avonhead.

What are the Māori names for Christchurch?

How did Fanny Hands Lane get its name?

Fanny Hands Lane This small lane in Ludford is home to around four properties and reportedly got its name when land owner John Hands married a girl called Frances. In those days a lot of people who were called Frances were known as Fanny, and so John named the street after his wife, Fanny Hands.

What’s the most common street name in the world?

1. Most popular street names — High Street vs Station Road. Out of 2,323,627 street names, “High Street” is the most popular name with a frequency of 16593 followed by “Station Road” and “Main Street” with 11521 and 7623 entries respectively.

What does my street name mean?

The slang term. street namenoun. A person’s nickname, such as a gangster or mafia name.

Can you swim at Weston hard Woolston?

Weston Hard Woolston coast is free for all. This beach has the following amenities, beach restaurant, toilets. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also take part in other activities . This beach is popular for windsurfing or kiteboarding.

What area is Woolston?

Woolston is situated in the Mersey Valley and so there is a very slight lowering in height between it and the surrounding areas. The highest point is on the Woolston Eyes, formerly Thelwall Eyes, (four-man-made areas formed by large embankments for the dispersement of dredging waste).

What is the oldest town in New Zealand?

Kororāreka. New Zealand’s first town, Kororāreka (now Russell) in the Bay of Islands, arose in the 1830s, becoming an important meeting point between Māori and Europeans. It served as a recreation and provisioning centre for trading and whaling ships, and developed a reputation for lawlessness.

What is the oldest city in New Zealand?

By this measure, Wellington is the oldest city. An advance party of New Zealand Company officials and surveyors arrived in September 1839 and made a highly dubious land purchase from local iwi (Tonk, 1990, p. 40).

What is the Māori name for the Avon River in Christchurch?

The Avon River Christchurch was built on the first extensive area of dry land above the rivermouth. The river’s Māori name was Ōtakaro. It was later named after the Avon River in Ayrshire, home of the Deans brothers, settler farmers.

Who founded Christchurch?

Christchurch was founded by the Canterbury Association, which was formed in 1848 largely through the efforts of John Robert Godley and planned to establish a model Church of England settlement. The original immigrants arrived on five ships in 1850–51.