Does Tool have a new album out?

Does Tool have a new album out?

In a new interview with the Cleveland Scene, TOOL drummer Danny Carey said that the band’s fans won’t have to wait another 13 years for a new studio album, like they did prior to the arrival of 2019’s “Fear Inoculum”.

Will Tool make another album after Fear Inoculum?

By all accounts, including statements from the band itself, the next TOOL will likely get a release date sometime between 2026 and 2027, once the Fear Inoculum tour is concluded and the band has had three to four years to work on new material than another 12 to 18 months to record it.

Is opiate 2 A New Tool song?

Opiate2 is a special limited edition package, that includes a reimagined and extended version of the TOOL classic track. The song is presented on a blu-ray DVD that features a ground breaking short film directed by Dominic Hailstone.

What is Tool’s new song?

TOOL – Opiate² (Audio) – YouTube.

Did Fear Inoculum go platinum?

It topped the US Billboard 200 album chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA, indicating more than one million units sold, a month later.

Is Fear Inoculum a good album?

Fear Inoculum is no doubt a beast of an album, and it requires much from the listener to fully tame and appreciate as a whole. Around the third listen however, this album starts to make sense; Tool have not structurally crafted songs you’d expect, but neither have they sonically conquered new territory.

Why did TOOL take so long to make a new album?

Here’s the full story of every road block, distraction and creative impasse that’s caused the 13-year wait. After playing over 200 concerts from 2006 to 2007, Tool essentially went on hiatus in 2008, performing zero shows and beginning a decade of minimal touring.

How old is Toolband?

Tool is an American rock band from Los Angeles. Formed in 1990, the group’s line-up includes vocalist Maynard James Keenan, guitarist Adam Jones and drummer Danny Carey. Justin Chancellor has been the band’s bassist since 1995, replacing their original bassist Paul D’Amour.

Does TOOL still make music?

Tool has released just one EP and five full albums in the 30 years since its recorded debut in 1992. The one the band is just now touring, 2019’s “Fear Inoculum,” took 13 years to finish.

Does Maynard have a wife?

Lei Lim. 2012Jennifer Brena Fergusonm. 2003
Maynard James Keenan/Wife

Is Tool the best band ever?

Anyone who is a Tool fan knows that they are the greatest band of all time. Their creativity is paralleled only by great acts like Pink Floyd. But Tool took things even further.

How good is Lateralus?

Lateralus is the most unique collection of songs you’ll find outside of, well, the last Tool album. it’s also the most perfectly played, perfectly produced record you’re likely to hear this or any other year. In anybody else’s hands, perfection is just a code word for repugnant tedium.

How long did Fear Inoculum take to make?

13 years
But believe it or not, Tool drummer Danny Carey says in a new interview that their Fear Inoculum album was “rushed” a bit. Speaking on Kerrang’s Inside Track podcast, Carey speaks about the time it took to do the album, revealing that he wished it actually took them the full 13 years to turn it around.

Why is Tool not on Spotify?

While Keenan’s other projects Puscifer and A Perfect Circle have long been available on Spotify, Keenan has been overtly resistant to releasing Tool’s music on streaming platforms, reportedly due to a longstanding preference that Tool albums be listened to in their entirety.

What is Tool’s net worth?

Maynard James Keenan Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 17, 1964 (58 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Record producer, Actor, Winemaker

Is Tool a Numetal?

Tool is a nu-metal band.

Why is Maynard so weird?

Apparently Maynard has an eye issue which manifests itself in a sensitivity to bright lights and flashes. It got so bad that it came close to ending his ability to perform live. When the lights get flashing and really going, it causes an almost vertigo-ish reaction that can lead to his passing out.

How old is Devo Keenan?

26 years (August 5, 1995)Devo Keenan / Age