Does The Script still make music?

Does The Script still make music?

We are beyond excited to tell you all that we’re heading back out on tour in 2022, and our album ‘Tales From The Script: The Greatest Hits’ will be out on October 1st! Time to get the show back on the road!

How much are scripts worth?

The two wrote and produced songs for artists such as Boyz II Men, TLC, and Britney Spears. They then moved back to Dublin and formed The Script in 2001 with drummer Glen Power….Danny ODonoghue Net Worth.

Net Worth: $16 Million
Profession: Singer-songwriter, Singer, Record producer, Composer, Actor
Nationality: Republic of Ireland

What was The Script first album?

The Script (Bonus Tracks)The Script / First album

Did The Script break up?

Are The Script still together? YES! In 2020, the band released just one single called ‘Run Through Walls’ from their most recent album ‘Sunsets & Full Moons’ released in 2019.

Who is supporting The Script 2022?

Ella Henderson
The tour will take place in 2022 and travel all across the UK. They have also released a Greatest Hits album entitled ‘Tales From The Script’. The tour will feature X Factor’s Ella Henderson as supporting act. The tour will start in mid-May and run through to the start of June.

Are The Script touring in 2021?

True to form, the band embarked on yet another hugely successful tour. In 2021, The Script announced a greatest hits album called Tales From The Script, due for release in October 2021. To support the album, the band also announced a huge European tour with a string of UK dates in May and June 2022.

What genre is script?

PopThe Script / Genre

What kind of music is The Script?

Pop rock soft rock indie rock

The Script
Genres Pop rock soft rock indie rock
Years active 2007–present
Labels Phonogenic Epic RCA Columbia
Members Danny O’Donoghue Mark Sheehan Glen Power

Who supported The Script 2018?

The Script have been announced as the latest headliners for Belsonic 2018. This will be the largest ever Belfast concert for Irish three-piece when they play Ormeau Park on Sunday, June 24 supported by Gavin James.

How long is a concert?

On average, with a band that has a couple of albums completed, it’s common for a concert to last for 90 minutes to two hours. With more established bands with a number of hit albums and singles to their name, this can increase, but it is a general rule that a concert will last around 90 minutes.

How long does Script concert last?

Their 90-minute set absolutely flew by, and as our night with The Script came to a close, they left on a high note as they performed ‘No Good In Goodbye’, ‘Breakeven’, and ‘Hall of Fame’.

How long is The Script concert?

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When was The Script popular?

After signing with Phonogenic Records, the group relocated to London, where they debuted in 2008 with the eponymous The Script. The album proved to be a meteoric success, topping the charts in multiple countries and establishing the group as one of the year’s most popular newcomers.

How scripts are formed?

The Script are an alternative rock band from Dublin and they formed in 2001. The band was started by close friends Danny O’Donoghue and Mark Sheehan who had previously been in the band Mytown. They asked Glen Power to join their new band and The Script was created.