Does PennyTalk still exist?

Does PennyTalk still exist?

Make easy & affordable international calls with free PennyTalk apps for iPhone®, Android™ & Blackberry®. New! Now call using Wi-Fi, mobile data or mobile minutes.

How do I add money to PennyTalk?

You can also visit the online Account Center at or to add funds. When your account balance runs low, you can quickly add funds by tapping ADD FUNDS from the app menu within the app.

How do you use PennyTalk?


  1. Dial 877-PENNY-25 (877-736-6925) from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and listen for the greeting.
  2. When prompted, dial your 10-digit account number followed by your 4-digit PIN.
  3. For calls to the U.S. and Canada, dial 1 + area code + the number you wish to call, when prompted.

How much does PennyTalk cost?

PennyTalk has a 99¢ monthly service fee which is deducted from your account balance each month.

How can I make free calls from my payphone?

How to Make Free Phone Calls From a Payphone

  1. Dial toll-free numbers for free at a payphone. You do not need to deposit money to dial 1-800, 1-888 or 1-877 or 1-866 exchanges.
  2. Make a collect call using a collect calling service such as 1-800-COLLECT (265-5328).
  3. Dial 911 or 0 for the operator for free at a payphone.

How do I cancel PennyTalk?

Text STOP to 12345 to cancel. Text HELP to 12345 for help. Message and data rates may apply. Customer Support available at 888-311-8360.

Can you use PennyTalk from a cell phone?

If you can make domestic calls from your phone, you can use PennyTalk Mobile. Your phone does not need to be set to make international calls. You will also need iOS version 4.2 or higher. PennyTalk uses your regular mobile signal, so anywhere you can make a call or connect to a data network, you can call with the app.

Are pay phones now free?

In a recent act from the company, more than 15,000 payphones across the country will now be free of use for all national calls, with international calls still being at the user’s cost. Advertise with News of The Area today. It’s worth it for your business.

Can payphones receive calls?

You can call a pay phone number easily, but not all pay phones accept incoming calls. Not everybody owns a cell phone and can make a call whenever desired. A pay phone can be a lifesaver for the person without a cell phone, especially in cases of emergency.

How do I cancel net2phone?

In order to be valid, any cancellation of Services by you, at any time, must be made in writing and sent to [email protected].

How can I use my pay phone for free?

How much do payphones cost now?

25 for a few minutes of a local phone call, the actual rate for using the device is not set by any regulation, but by the owner of the pay phone. The going rate is currently about $0.50 for a local call, but additional costs are applied for calls to outside of area codes.

Is net2phone Hipaa compliant?

net2phone is HIPAA Compatible which means you can trust our phone system for healthcare and focus more on caring for your patients.

How do I cancel penny talk?

How much do payphones cost?

Do payphones have numbers?

Locate the phone number for the pay phone. The number is located on the front. Use pay phone directories to find unknown pay phone numbers (see Resource).

Can payphones be traced?

As recently stated in the Tribune, pay phones are viewed as “convenient for drug dealers and other criminals because the calls cannot be traced if coins are used.” This shows a misunderstanding of pay phone technology by the community and, possibly, by criminals themselves.

Can payphones call cell phones?

Purchase a prepaid card for payphones to save some money. They are available at many retail stores that sell prepaid cards for cell phones, including many convenience stores. You can also call an access number for free provided by your long distance company to make phone calls that will be billed to you later.