Does Neotel still exist?

Does Neotel still exist?

Liquid Intelligent Technologies has today announced that Neotel’s enterprise operations will officially rebrand to Liquid Intelligent Technologies South Africa with immediate effect.

What is Neotel called now?

Liquid Telecom
On 26 June, Neotel will change its name to Liquid Telecom, the company announced. In a letter sent to business partners, Liquid Telecom said the name change is part of the company’s plan to consolidate its customers’ experiences into one point of contact.

What does Neotel do?

Who is Neotel? We are South Africa’s first converged communications network operator. Our independent national service offering includes Voice, Data and Internet. The services are delivered via optical fibre or wireless access.

Which company bought Neotel?

55 billion. Liquid Telecom, which is majority-owned by Econet Global, has received approval from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa), to purchase Neotel for R6. 55 billion.

What does Liquid Telecom do?

Liquid Telecom is an independent data, voice, and IP provider that commits to building a digital future. Liquid Telecom has built Africa’s fiber network, currently stretching over 18,000km across Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, DRC, Lesotho, and South Africa.

How do I check my balance on Telecom liquid?

Log in and visit Dashboard, or head straight to Here you can view all balances and choose how to interact with your funds, all in one place.

Who is the founder of Liquid Telecom?

Strive Masiyiwa

Strive Masiyiwa
Alma mater University of Wales
Occupation Businessman
Title Founder and executive chairman, Econet Global
Board member of Unilever National Geographic Society Bank of America Rockefeller Foundation Morehouse College Ashinaga (organization) Netflix

Who are liquid Telecom?

How do you pay for Liquid Telecom?

You can use mobile money (Airtel Money, MTN MoMo or Zampay), or a credit or debit card to top up via the MyLiquid App. You will need the email used to register for the service and MyLiquid password. If you don’t remember your password, use “Forgot my password” or email [email protected] to request a reset link.

Who is the billionaire in Zimbabwe?

Strive Masiyiwa (born 29 January 1961) is a London-based Zimbabwean billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder and executive chairman of the international technology group Econet Global.

How much is Patrice Motsepe worth?

2.4 billion USD (2022)Patrice Motsepe / Net worth

In 2020, Motsepe was ranked as the 1,307th-wealthiest person in the world by Forbes, with a reported fortune of US$2.1 billion.

Where is Liquid Telecom based?

Liquid Telecom is located in Ebène, Plaines Wilhems, Mauritius .

How much is WIFI per month in Uganda?

Compare Mobile Internet Rates

NETWORK Plan Price
UTL Mobile Data Bundle 12000|Per Month
Smile Monthly Bundles 135000|Per Month
Airtel Learn from Home 1 GB 1500
MTN Business Data Bundles 150000|For 3 Months

How fast is liquid Telecom WIFI?


Home Lite Home Essential
Typical Number of users/devices Up to 2 Up to 2
Top Fibre Speed Home 3Mbps 5Mbps

How many digits is MSISDN?

15 digits
The MSISDN is also 15 digits. The Country Code is 1 to 3 digits, and the National Destination Code (NDC) and Subscriber Number (SN) together are 12 to 14 digits.

Who is Zed Koudounaris?

Koudounaris, one of Zimbabwe’s most successful businessmen, is the founder of Simbisa brands. His 18.41-percent stake in the company is worth $60.4 million.