Does Monsta X have 7 members?

Does Monsta X have 7 members?

For the concluding mission, the nine remaining members formed into three groups of three to compete and the members of Monsta X were selected from these nine in the final episode as the seven members of the group: Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M.

Who are the members of Monsta X?

I.MRapperHyungwonSub-VocalsShownuMain DancerMinhyukVocalsJoohoneyRapperKihyunVocals
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Who is the leader of Monsta X 2021?

Son Hyun-woo (Korean: 손현우, born June 18, 1992), better known by his stage name Shownu, is a South Korean singer and dancer. He is the leader, lead vocalist, and main dancer of the South Korean boy group Monsta X, which debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2015 through Mnet’s survival show No.Mercy.

Why is Wonho not in Monsta?

On October 31, 2019, Wonho announced his departure from MONSTA X following accusations from a former friend that he owed her a sizable sum of money. Simultaneously, a Seoul newspaper reported that he’d historically used marijuana and, separate to that claim, revealed he’d been sentenced to probation as a juvenile.

Does Wonho speak English?

He can speak: Korean, Japanese, English & French. He loves to play video games. He has a habit of sticking out his tongue.

Is Shownu still in the military?

As you know, he’s currently serving his military duties but he also feels very frustrated that he is unable to communicate and he is aware that many Monbebe are asking why isn’t he coming [online]. But the thing is that Shownu also wishes that he can communicate with them.

Why did Wonho get kicked?

But both end up tarnishing the band’s reputation in one wayor another. Today, we’re looking at 6 KPop idols who left their groups (or were kicked out) and the reasons behind it. The now solo artist Wonho, had been embroiled in a nasty drug scandal where allegations of him using cannabis surfaced.

Why did Wonho wrote Losing?

While the song is undeniably a love song, the singer says it was also inspired by his fans, who never left his side after his well-publicized departure from the group. “This is a love song, but also I would say it is [about] the love and appreciation I have for my fans as well,” he tells Rolling Stone.

Does Wonho have a cat?

Wonho recently shared videos on his Instagram of him playing with his cats, Bom and Yeoreum, and we can’t get enough of them!

Does Wonho have a tattoo?

Wonho said he tried to erase his tattoo (the thigh one) many times but it just couldnt get removed and it was really painful.. he didnt mention why he wanted to erase it though. I hope Wonho can fall in love with his tattoo again and love it just as much as Monbebe do.

Why is Shownu not in your problem?

On May 3, Starship Entertainment released a statement about Shownu’s health and his participation in MONSTA X’s upcoming comeback. Last summer, it was revealed that Shownu had been diagnosed with retinal detachment in his left eye and that he had undergone surgery to correct the issue.

Does Shownu have Instagram?

Shownu is now on Instagram! On January 12, the MONSTA X leader opened his personal Instagram account. Shownu uploaded a selfie for his first post with the caption, “Let’s meet often.” Shownu is the fourth member of MONSTA X to launch a personal Instagram account following Minhyuk, I.M, and Kihyun.

What agency is Wonho with?

Highline Entertainment
Wonho signed with Highline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Starship Entertainment, as a solo artist on April 10. The agency announced that he would be promoting as a solo artist and producer going forward.

Is Wonho a solo artist?

Back in September, K-pop star Wonho released his first solo album, Love Synonym #1: Right For Me. Last month, he shared Love Synonym #2: Right For Us. Together, the series is an expression of his thanks to those who have supported him during the toughest time of his career, and now he’s ready to move on.

Can Wonho speak Japanese?

He can speak: Korean, Japanese, English & French.

What languages can Wonho speak?

KoreanWonho / LanguagesKorean is the native language for about 80 million people, mostly of Korean descent. It is the official and national language of both North Korea and South Korea, but over the past 74 years of political division, the two Koreas have developed language differences. Wikipedia

How did Shownu hurt his eye?

According to Starship Entertainment’s press release, MONSTA X’s Shownu felt severe stress on his eyes due to exposure to strong lighting while preparing for the group’s upcoming album. He is advised by the doctors to take a rest to avoid further deterioration.

Is ShowNu in the military?

With Shownu being the first Monsta X member to enlist for his mandatory military service last year in July, he went all out to make sure his fans and group wouldn’t miss him. The group leader pre-recorded several vlogs and birthday messages for his members.

What is Shownuayo?

ShowNu caught the attention of netizens, one more time, because of his hilarious profile name and profile picture. His ID “shownuayo” means “It’s ShowNu”.