Do you need a license to bow hunt in NSW?

Do you need a license to bow hunt in NSW?

You must have a current R-Licence and written permission from the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Game Licensing Unit. Bowhunting is allowed in all open forests and some forests are exclusively open to bowhunting only. The map below shows all forests declared for hunting in NSW and those open to bowhunting only.

Do you need a license to hunt in Australia?

If you want to hunt game birds on private land, you need to apply for a game hunting licence. This can be either the Restricted licence, which also gives you public land access, or a General licence for private land only. General licence holders must also be over 12 years of age.

What is an R-licence in NSW?

The Restricted licence (R-Licence) allows you to hunt game and feral animals on public land that has been declared and opened to hunting, or on private land with the permission of the landholder.

Is deer hunting legal in NSW?

New South Wales allows the hunting of some deer during open season and the hunting of all other deer on private land and Crown land at any time throughout the year. The Northern Territory allows the hunting of feral animals on private land with the landowner’s permission, with a valid firearms licence.

Do you need a bow license in Australia?

The only requirement you need in Australia is a place to hunt. There is no licencing requirements or anything in that regard bows and arrows. You should not have any problems bringing your bow and equipment into Australia.

How much is a hunting license in NSW?


Task Type Amount
Apply Licence $210.00
Apply Licence $270.00
Apply Licence $325.00
General Duplicate Certificate $30.00

Can you bow hunt in Australia?

Generally the only requirement you need in Australia is a place to hunt. There is no licencing requirements for the equipment. All Australian States except Tasmania allow bowhunting. There is crown land hunting in New South Wales and Victoria under certain licence arrangements.

Can I do my R licence online?

Revised in 2022, the new R-Licence Accreditation Course allows applicants to complete training online, at their own pace and in their own time, or in-person with a Hunter LEAP Trainer.

Is SSAA an Aho?

SSAA or AHO membership A current Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA), Shooters Union or Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO) membership is required for all hunters on IHP properties. (Some properties require all guests to have membership.

Where can you legally hunt in NSW?

In NSW, you can hunt on private or public land, provided you hold an appropriate licence where applicable and only if you have permission to hunt issued by the landholder or manager.

Can you shoot deer at night in NSW?

Private land hunters with permission to hunt from a landholder or occupier do not require a game hunting licence. Use of spotlights on public land is still prohibited. Written permission conditions 12 and 13 prohibit hunting on public land at night using firearms or bows and the use of spotlights while hunting.

Is bowfishing legal in NSW?

The NSW Government has legalised bowfishing as a recreational fishing technique for carp in selected inland waters. Bowfishing combines elements of both hunting and fishing.

Do you need a licence for a crossbow in Australia?

​​If you wish to possess or use a crossbow, you must obtain a ​ miscellaneous licence. This licence will allow you to possess, carry and use crossbows, subject to specific conditions. Crossbows are classed as a Category M weapon under the Weapons Categories Regulation 1996.

Can I hunt in Victoria with a NSW licence?

On a temporary basis If you hold a firearm licence interstate you may possess, carry and use a firearm in Victoria for specific activities and purposes, provided that your licence allows you to do the same in your home state or territory.

How much is a hunting license in Australia?

What can I bow hunt in Australia?

Feral goats, Chital, Rusa and Red deer. QLD also has Hare, feral cats, a few foxes and excellent bow fishing opportunities for shark, stingray and scaled fish. QLD is the number one state for feral pigs and hunters travel from around the world to experience the world class wild boar hunting it has on offer.

What is an R licence test?

Introduction. If you’re wanting to apply for a restricted game hunting licence (R-licence), you’ll first need to undertake the R-licence accreditation course. The accreditation exam consists of an open-book test based on the NSW Hunter Education Handbook. You must achieve 100% in the test to qualify for accreditation.

Is an R license a genuine reason?

Membership with a hunting club, permission from a landowner and R-licences are all genuine reasons for obtaining a recreational hunting/vermin control licence.

Is SSAA membership a genuine reason?

Fortunately members of SSAA (NSW) Sydney Branch Inc. can use their membership to support their genuine reason for having a firearms licence. If you would like to become a member of SSAA you can download our application form by clicking the link below or visiting the Membership tab at the top of this page.

Can you hunt in NSW state forests?

State forests. There are over 2-million hectares of State forest in NSW, with many declared and open to licensed hunting. State forests are working forests that must accommodate a range of recreational activities, primary production such as grazing and apiary, and timber harvesting alongside hunting.