Do you leave propagator on all the time?

Do you leave propagator on all the time?

I leave my propagators on all the time. I close the vents and as soon as the seedlings appear I open them. I tipe the condensation on the lids back into the compost. The vents should be open after germination as the seedlings can catch a fungus and die.

Should the vents be open on a propagator?

When the seedlings start to emerge from the compost it is good to at least open the vents halfway. This increases ventilation and reduces the risk of seedlings rotting. ​When most of the plants start producing leaves it is best to open the vents completely.

Can I make my own propagator?

2 – How to make your DIY propagator It’s really simple to make. Use the screws to pierce a few drainage holes in the bottom of your yogurt pot and tape up any unwanted vents in the punnets (from the inside and the outside to remove any exposed sticky bits). That’s it, you’re ready to plant.

What can I use instead of a propagator?

Many gardeners buy expensive propagators but a seed tray or a few plastic pots, will do the job. If you don’t have plastic pots then try using old yoghurt pots with holes punched in the bottom, or tomato or mushroom punnets instead of a seed tray.

Is a propagator worth it?

Electric Heated Propagators are a cost effective way of helping gardeners to germinate seeds earlier and more successfully. Seeds germinated in an electric heated propagator grow into healthier plants because of the more comfortable and consistent start in life.

Should I water seeds in a propagator?

Moist but not soggy, if it’s too wet this could lead to rotting or fungus developing on your seeds. Left to dry slightly between watering. Some propagators also have a capillary wetting matt under the pots, allowing the seedlings to draw up water when they need it.

Can you use cling film as a propagator?

Cover with a layer of cling film/ plastic bag/ plastic propagator top to retain moisture and heat. Put containers in a sheltered place with good light such as a sunny windowsill, greenhouse or cold frame.

How long do seeds take to germinate in a propagator?

The propagator itself contains a water pump that sits underneath a tray that has 6 little sprayers which creates a moist atmosphere underneath at the roots surface and dry at the top of the plant. This promotes the roots to start growing. After 2-3 weeks your cuttings will then be big enough to pot on!