Can you train any fruit tree as espalier?

Can you train any fruit tree as espalier?

Only apple and pears can be trained as espaliers, as cherry and plums will break when you bend them horizontally. Cherries and plums can be grown as fans. The first task is to erect a training system for the tree against a wall, fence or on the edge of a border, wherever the chosen spot may be.

How long does it take to espalier a tree?

It generally takes five to seven years to create a completed espalier structure and harvest fruit. Until that time, prune out any developing fruit. Your goal in the first few years is to encourage the tree to put all of its energy into growing branches that establish the basic framework.

How far from fence should espalier be?

Espalier trees grown against a wall or fence should be planted about 15cm (6in) away from the wall and the arms should be secured to horizontal wires using soft string or chainlock ties. Espaliers require heavier wire than fans – 2.5mm (12 gauge) – and should be spaced further apart.

How far apart should espalier trees be?

They grow to around 10 feet tall without other training. These trees would normally be planted between 4 and 8 feet apart. However, as an espalier they can grow as close as 2 feet apart within a row, if kept to 5 feet tall. The general guideline for row spacing is to place rows twice as far apart as tree spacing.

How do you support an espalier tree?

You can use plastic ties, soft green tape or other ties — no metal — to loosely hold the cordon in place. Don’t make it too tight as the cordon needs space to grow. When the cordons start developing and have good growth, you can then start working on the next row, and repeat until you have the tree fully espaliered.

Do espalier trees need support?

Many espalier plants or trees require no support at all. When planting these, just lean them to grow up against the wall. If support is needed or desired, any number of materials can be used. If the wall is constructed of a suitable material, the plant can be trained directly on the wall.