Can you order Comdata checks?

Can you order Comdata checks?

Contact your Comdata representative to set your account up for Comchek Drafts, so you can begin ordering and distributing Comcheks to your drivers.

How do I get a Comcheck?

How do I get a comchek? If you do not already have an account with Comdata – you can call their toll free number and speak with customer service. You can “purchase” a comchek with a credit card but fees will apply.

What color are the new Comdata checks?

After Monday, January 31, the blue Comcheks will no longer be valid, a Comdata representative confirmed to Transportation Nation Network (TNN). The new green Comcheks will be the only ones accepted following January 31, 2022. The change is due to the company switching banks from Regions to Wells Fargo.

Is Comdata the same as Comcheck?

Comchek®, a staple of the trucking industry for 50 years, is now digital/online. Say hello, to the Virtual Comchek®, the newest innovation from Comdata®.

How do I pay for a Comcheck?

Enter the Comchek number that is located in the upper right hand corner of the check. Present the Comchek to the merchant you are submitting a payment to. You can also deposit the Comchek into your bank account, if you choose to do so. The bank deposit is made just as if you are depositing a regular check.

What bank is with Comdata?

Regions Bank
The Comdata® MasterCard® is issued by Regions Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated.

What is Comchecks?

COMcheck is the U.S. Department of Energy commercial energy compliance software tool that determines whether a new commercial building, high-rise residential building, commercial building addition or alteration meets the requirements of IECC prescriptive based paths or ASHRAE Standard 90.1.

How do you verify a Comcheck?

Comdata check verification is fairly simple.

  1. Call Comdata at 1-800-733-3398 or 1-800-226-3870. Be sure to have the check you wish to verify handy.
  2. Give the representative the check number, the account number on the Comdata check and the amount of the Comdata check.
  3. Ask the Comdata representative to verify the check.

How do I pay for a COMcheck?

How does COMcheck Mobile work?

Through the Comdata Proprietary Network, Comchek Mobile users can send, receive and access funds via their Comdata Card and a smartphone app designed to work seamlessly together to simplify payments for driver advances, settlement, lumpers, repairs and other common over-the-road needs.

How do you use a Comdata COMcheck?

Can I transfer money from my Comdata card to my bank account?

You may call 1-888-265-8228 to have money manually moved from your Comdata payroll card to your bank account. It will take approximately 24-48 business hours for money to be moved from your payroll card to be placed into your bank account.

How do I get an express code for a COMcheck?

From the main navigation bar, select Manage > Express Check > Request Express Check Code. 2. The Retrieve a Code page opens. Select Express Code from the drop-down.

How do I download a COMcheck?

COMcheck-Web™ is accessible directly from the website without having to download and install. COMcheck™ Desktop for Windows® may be downloaded and installed directly to your desktop. Download via the link at the bottom of the right sidebar. See if your state or county can use COMcheck to show compliance.

How does Comcheck Mobile work?

What bank does Comdata use?

The Comdata® MasterCard® is issued by Regions Bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

Do I need a COMcheck?

Many states require a COMcheck report before a building permit is even issued, so oftentimes builders must utilize the software to find the building code requirements for their state.

How do Comchecks work?

A COMCHEK is a type of payment that is used by auto transport brokers (or any type of freight broker) to pay carriers. They can be thought of as being similar to standard checks, yet with some very important differences. In addition to paying contract carriers, COMCHEKs can be used to: Purchase fuel.