Can you level up your follower in Skyrim?

Can you level up your follower in Skyrim?

Players of the PC version could also use certain console commands to fix any follower’s inability to update their stats with each level. So in most cases, leveling up the player character will also make your follower level up, (the maximum and by how much, will depend on the specific follower and their NPC class).

How do I change my followers level in Skyrim?

Targeting a follower and typing setlevel 1000 0 1 81 will make that follower level up with the Dragonborn until they reach level 81. Replacing the last number in that command with a number other than 81 will change their level cap to the given number.

How do I set my follower to count to zero in Skyrim?

To set PlayerFollowerCount to zero, open the console (default ~ ), type in set PlayerFollowerCount to 0 , hit enter , then close the console ~ . Show activity on this post. The game limits the amount of followers to: One recruitable follower.

What is Lydia’s level cap?

On paper, Lydia is a good follower who has a level cap of 50, maxing out Heavy Armor, One-Handed, and Block. You may be happy to take her along, but soon notice little annoyances like her attitude or the way she refuses to follow you down the mountainside, seeking out a safer path instead.

Is Lydia a good companion Skyrim?

Despite her many, many flaws, Lydia is undeniably an excellent follower. At her highest level, Lydia has an impressive 671 points of health, along with expertise in heavy armor, one-handed, and block.

Is Lydia an essential follower?

No she is not essential and it’s quite easy to kill her yourself ‘by accident’. She is however a very handy follower and potential spouse. The only reason i mention spouse is because in the early game the lover bonus can help when trying to level. As a follower she is Nasty in combat and will take kills from you.

What followers in Skyrim have no level cap?

Stat wise, J’zargo is arguably one of the best Skyrim followers. He has no level cap, which means he continues to level up with the Dragonborn indefinitely.

What does Recycleactor do Skyrim?

recycleactor Revive/Reset targeted NPC or object. Can be used to reset an NPCs reference/revive dead NPCs. If you’ve already looted a corpse, they may come back headless (especially Nords). Their inventory isn’t reset, except for their weapon.

What is the max level in Skyrim?

What’s the Max Level in Skyrim? In the most recent editions of Skyrim, there is actually no max level in Skyrim. Thanks to the ability to make your skills Legendary, you can actually have every single perk in the game and still keep leveling up.

How do you use Setav in Skyrim?

command to affect the player character; for example, type player. setav carryweight 1000 will set the Player’s Carry Weight at 1000. Or, you may want to target the NPC/actor, by first typing prid , Enter.

Can I get another Housecarl if Lydia died?

Once your housecarl dies, they are dead. you have to become thane of another hold and buy a house in order to obtain another housecarl. but they will ONLY be a guard to the house in the hold you obtained them. Lydia is dead for good, thats why i give them heavy armor.

How do you control NPCS in Skyrim?

Toggle Player Control Turns on and off control of an NPC. To use, target an NPC and type the command. The NPC will now be controlled, and player will have command of both their character and the NPC simultaneously.

Should I use Modav or Setav?

Setav and forceav are permanent, with setav being slightly more forgiving. Just always use modav for everything.

What’s the difference between Modav and Setav?

Setav will SET the actor value to the specified value. Modav will add (or subtract if negative) the specified value to the current value. Forceav will set the actor value to the specified value and it will NOT revert back after saving.